July 23rd, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Stomach and Home

My stomach feels gross and I have work for five hours today.

But we have two new interns so there's some new entertainment, and I joke around with the intern Jessica sometimes. That stuff is alright.

After work I have to come home. I'll have the temptation not too, but I need to. The only exception I'll take is for a quick rock up Joe's Rock or something. To take my mind off stuff and then put it properly back off. But I need to come home.

I need to do stuff today. Change my life.

Possibly go clubbing tonight.

I'm excited for the weekend. It isn't the weekend. 3 more work days this week.

My heart is still hurting over not going to Rowe. I still cry. I gave up Rowe, and for what? A soul-sucking job.

Yeah, I really am excellent. Didn't you know?
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Tired, So Bawls it Is

Today is going to be a slow and tired/tiring day.

Looks as though I need to open up one of my Bawls with my breakfast cereal. (Won't be the only time today I'll be Bawling...)
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

You're face to face at the golden door.

The thunder around here is fantastic right now. It still isn't raining, but the thunder is... Mmm, beautiful. It sounds like a hungry stomach. Nature's hungry stomach, hungry for some freedom from the constraints of the human mind and 'superiorities.'

Ah, the flash of lightning. The analogies and personification twirling around my head are maddening. Delightfully maddening.

I'm reading Shaya's story. It makes me smile to think that I did the Oak entry a small while ago. Stardust.

I think I'm going to identify with Brita a little, hmmm... Smile.

I'm glad I hugged the Oak at the soccer field. I think it was appreciated.

Mugz is off to explore the storm through the protection of our windows and walls.

Debating turning off the computer.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 09:05 @thinkingxbeing He wrote his way before I wrote my on the timeline of senior year. Go him! I hope he gets in everywhere too!
  • 09:05 @thinkingxbeing I am so jealous of your non-work activities. I just sat around and rotted. You are too cool and I miss you!
  • 12:04 I would rather be on sheroes being my Glorious Spectrey self. Instead, I'm on hold with UBH! Sweet!
  • 13:35 @thinkingxbeing There better be! You should send me some times that you're free to kiwi@accuratecashflowsolutions.com and I'll work on it!
  • 13:41 The lumberjack song just came on and now I miss Pashi with the heat of a thousand burning suns (and sons).
  • 14:07 Was told to "use my own head" to "weave stories" to the insurance company. Dears, if you wanted me doing that, you would send me to write.
  • 16:50 I enjoy having a new person to follow!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!