July 20th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I slept over Makuchan's last night. We went swimming. It's strange watching Bobby's transformation from Bobby to Dana'a Boyfriend. Because that's what's gonna happen.

It's different with Andrew 'cause I met him as Laura's Boyfriend. Bobby was Bobby first. It's always a little strange watching someone who has never been much into relationships and romance (save for one Boob Episode with Britteny) morph into a boyfriend who kisses necks and PDAs. Interesting. But they're cute together and they obviously like each other a lot.

Home today and picked out laptop! So now Mum just has to see if she can find any other deals for it (she won't, the internet is tax free and it's too specialized to be found in stores in NH) and we'll be able to order it in two days. Which means I'll probably get it in the beginning of August and life will be good!

Working on other stuff like finishing up the passport stuff and working on loans.

I have started going through my entries with LJSearch looking for entries that say "Cavanagh." I should have done "Cav" first since that would include both, but I'll do that after and fill in what I've missed. I've also kept a document for just random funny stuff I found and liked. And a post of current-day reactions to a little of it. It's really fun going through it only I feel a bit nostalgic, but in a kind of good way.

And I keep feeling as though it's winter vacay even though it's way too hot and Mugz is like passed out on my bed.

I'm sad that Saturday is through though. One more day of freedom until work. Sadness. So much.

Yeah, trying to knock things off my TDL (to do list).

I wonder if I want to get out of the house tomorrow. Maybe swim or something. I don't know. Life is weird.