July 17th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I need to call Uni. Reading.

I hate time differences.

Wish my mother was home so I could bring up calling some time. It would be easier with help.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


LoudTwitter is weird and only posted one of my Twitters. I wonder if it will post the rest eventually. If it doesn't, I'll post them. It's still helping me.

I went shopping for stuff today. Cereal, soap, floss, other stuff. And I bought a pair of low-top Chucks from Laura and they make me happy.

Tomorrow is Friday. I only have to work 3 hours, but I will probably work more. This is also happy. I could leave at 1 if I wanted! But I need to be responsible and make more money.

My brother apparently thought next week was on for next week without talking to me. Again. I don't know how to get it into his head that we all need to TALK ABOUT THINGS to do them! Amanda will be in North Carolina and I think Snoopy is doing something, and anyway she's working because he didn't make it clear we were doing that weekend.

Plus we would have to figure out food and stuff. I don't know. Maybe I'll just bum a place in his friend's car and go up with them or something.

They wanted my friends. I'm like, My Friends? Who? Snoopy and Amanda? Yeah that's about the extent of it for friends who would go up to Maine randomly to do things like Man Hunt and probably skinny dipping.

Well, Dana and a few others too, but they're always busy.

So sigh. Now I have to break the news that that totally isn't happening. Even though I guess he was so excited. But he didn't even call his friends until tonight! I can't DO that--Snoopy has a JOB! She works weekends!

Otherwise, I'm doing alright. I've fallen into a little slump but I had a really happy afternoon until like 8 so that was good.