July 10th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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How does "I'm going to go home and take a shower and be good" turn into working on iTunes all day? I am far too dedicated to music. +Slaps own wrist.+

I missed the chance to go to an amazing musical with, I'm going to throw out a guess, amazing people. Because I worked until 5 because I am dedicated and it is dumb.

Instead of working 4 hours tomorrow, as would finish my work week with 25 hours, I am working for 7 until until five again. Which means I will be going three hours over my weekly total but Lisa wants it so whatever. Once again giving up the chance to be human and maybe take a nap to work for an extra $24, which is almost a quarter of a hundred.

She's not starting me on $9 until Monday. Which isn't really fair, but whatever, go her.

Life is not full of win right now.

On the bright side (and now for something completely different, thanks Monty Python), Laura's slumber party is tomorrow. And it features all girls. Hopefully it'll still be fun and Antoinette will go because she is lots of fun.

I'm going to peace from the computer now, after hours of too much sheroes nonsense with my making little sense at all and falling into the trend cesspit again, and go journal, read, and sleep.

I have not written since Maine.

This displeases me.

Kan'ai, whoop my butt into shape! Or more likely, Ms. Malay! Forget it, Amar, BOOT ME ONE TO THE BUM!