July 9th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

The Day

I charmed my way out of trouble. Worked hard. Kept the office laughing. Made it through the day. Charmed my way into having Mum still be able to drop things off for me as long as she stays in the car.

The break situation is pretty bleak, so it looks as though I will continue never taking breaks. Which is alright by me. I get paid for the whole time and I get out early for me. Worked 7 hours today instead of 5 because Lisa said it would be wonderful if I could stay.

Kit realized I had mentioned something. Lisa vaguely remembered Mum mentioning it.

So things, not surprisingly, worked out fine.

Home and Snoopy came over. Tried to teach Mugz speak. He learned it slightly and promptly forgot paw, because that's just how great he is. Sigh. It took me forever to get him to learn that. He has entirely forgotten that sit exists, as he always does. And he seems to think everything means "down" again. I always train him out of these things and he goes right back into them.

Dropped car off for Da, over to Snoopy's. Read "So You Want to Be a Lesbian?" or something--don't remember the title exactly--in one sitting. Her dad came wicked late with the laptop and she toyed around. She gave me her old iPod!

I refuse to touch iTunes for the moment. Frak it. I'll use her music.

Trying to get out of this "constantly dread work" thing since it's not SO terrible when I get there.

This all just feels too much like school. Work in the day, free time only at night, repeat. I'm not used to my summer being so scheduled, and so similar to school. It's weird for me.

Snoopy and I went to CVS at 11-something so I could buy dandruff shampoo. We bumped into Ariel. It was nifty. Got ice cream bites because she was PMSing and they were delicious.

I'm tired but content. I read. I'm ready to finish internet, do a quick written journal, read, and go to sleep. Get up at 8 again tomorrow to start the day over.

Wonder what I'll do with tomorrow afternoon? Will have to be a bit productive. Maybe a nap too if I'm good, though I tend to think those are not productive... But sleep is good. Booster sleep!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I have horrible non-menstrual cramps and it makes me sad.

I took pain killer. They better go away before work.

I actually did my hair today. I feel nice!

Wonder how many hours I'll do today.