July 1st, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I played FFIX all day long and I am still in love.

I got my period yesterday the MINUTE I stood up from livejournal. And I shook my fist, groaned, and blamed livejournal for life. But I guess I can blame the moon, nature, hormones, and my body too...just to be fair...

Terrible pain today because, like many of the girls and women I find around me, I have horrible moon cycles. I was sore everywhere and hated getting up. So I was basically down all day.

Swimming tomorrow hopefully.

I'm going to see if I can go look at a little of the Sheroes drama before I get off.

I finished my fictional finish of my almost-molestation event under a library table in like 3rd grade. And it's actually pretty sexy. But it involves me and pretty steamy sex, so I would have to find an awful lot of ovaries to upload it and I don't think anyone would want to read it (s)he would have to picture me having sex, and that could probably get pretty uncomfortable.

But I'm tempted to do it with heavy warnings when I get home anyway.