June 26th, 2008

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Post 3 things you've done in your lifetime that you don't think anybody else on your friends list has done.

See if anybody else responds with "I've done that."

Ask your friends do this in their journals to see what unique things they've done.

- Had a hip replacement and written Harry Potter AUs about the recovery process.
- Written almost 10k a day for three days to win NaNoWriMo last minute.
- Stood in a GIANT flower pot taller than my head, in the rain, lugging out mulch bags while a sub tisks, "No no no, this just isn't working..." and promptly carrying huge fake wooden flowers back to plant science. All during school hours. For a grade.
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Meme Again

Comment on this post and I will choose seven interests from your profile.

You will then explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

Gangked from fey_spirit.

Blood - That would come from my more vampiric phases, but those have never really stopped. I like blood. I like the color against pale or dark skin, I like the idea that it’s our sort of “life elixir,” and yes I even like the taste. I enjoy thinking that it can be both spiritual—used in rituals and the like—but also impersonal, as with my operations. That it doesn’t HAVE to mean anything that I lost so much blood and almost needed a transfusion. I like the idea of proteins, and that not all blood enjoys its kin—that some will destroy others depending on protein. Just all the things like that. I also think the thought of vampires is incredibly sexy.

Circle of Magic - Wow I have brought this up a lot lately. It’s Tammy’s first Emelan series with Daja, Sandry, Tris, and Briar for students and Frostpine, Lark, Niko, Rosethorn, and Sometimes Crane for Dedicate teachers. They are my comfort books. They’re easy to read and easy to pick through to find parts that I want to read. I know when I open the book that I’ll find comfort with the characters and the settings, and that I take great joy and hope in the fact that one of the main characters turned out gay in the later book. I have my own fanfiction on my computer that I read through sometimes. It calms me.

Comic Books - By that I basically mean manga, but a lot of people don’t know manga and just think of them as comic books. Mainly Toast is the Comic Book Captain. I enjoy my few here and there. I didn’t even know I had this on my interest list. Interesting! (And manga is basically Japanese comic books, read “backwards” to us Westerners but it’s normal to them and that’s happy, and the art is often very beautiful or unique and mostly in black-and-white.)

Duct Tape - Ah, duct tape. Duct tape fixes everything. There are so many neat phrases for it, too. I have made wallets, sandals, pencil cases, bags, and an assortment of other things out of duct tape. I have had things made for me. My friend dork_tape--even her name is duct tapey—made a pair of pants. I used to sit at home watching movies and making duct tape things. My altar cloth for a while wasn’t even cloth, it was a duct tape sheet. Nifty actually, because even if the top wasn’t sticky as in glue-sticky, duct tape is very grippy so nothing fell over or was moved around accidentally. I love duct tape!

Lesbian Music - Well, that one is somewhat self-explanatory. I enjoy quite a lot of music made for/by lesbians. Melissa Etheridge, Melissa Ferrick, I believe Amy Carol Webb, Ani DiFranco (although she’s bi), Girlyman (more Queer music), Patty Larkin (loooove her stuff), Tegan and Sara, Zoe Lewis, and many more. A lot of them are pretty folky. I just enjoy hearing lesbians sing and being able to relate, or hearing songs about lesbians. Or other forms of queerness that I also fully appreciate.

Rosethorn - She’s the character I identify with/love most from Circle of Magic. She got me through my hard times of hip surgeries and all that. She guided me towards plants, where I was happiness. She led to my immediate approval and respect of Watsonii. She has been a strong voice in my head since I first met her in the book. She is a character very close to my heart. In some ways, I am looking for my Lark.

♀♀ - I was very Gay Pridey when I wrote up my interests. I liked having symbols in them, and this was one of the symbols I found, so I put it into mine. Being a lesbian, it worked. I think it’s cute.

In other news, I want a Margay icon. And at some point I will give my other other news.
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A Cavcreature Communication


Happy 1st Anniversary!

Mrs. Cav

I replied:

Mrs. Cavanagh,

You words have greatly healed my heart. Thank you for remembering! I was hurting last night when I wrote in my journal (at 1 in the morning), "At 5:30 I would be driving past the Aggie for some comfort on the way to the operation. I wonder I would have thought to know that a year later Mrs. Cavanagh and I are not currently speaking." As silly and stubborn as it was (and I admit freely I am both), I was waiting for an email from you first. A pesky need to know that you could open communication too, given that it hurt to close the email form we so frequently used in the past.

So, again, thank you. Fluffy thanks you too. She's doing quite well and wondered what all the attention was about, because she's normally used to being forgotten and taken for a Real Hip and though she's excited to be acknowledged, she is equally excited to go back to being Fluffy the Sometimes Remembered Ceramic Hip. She is not so excited for the one-year appointment with Dr. Murphy with a hefty amount of poking, prodding, and moving all about. (I love personifying my hip. Quirky personality trait there.)

I being productive before going to Maine. Off tomorrow night. 5 hour nap today after work and shopping. More thank you cards, cleaning, and packing before we leave tomorrow. First time in Maine walking for a while. Excitement!

Hope you are well. Apologies if you were looking for a shorter email. Hope the summer is treating you wonderfully.


I am amazed at how similar my replies have come to the ones she once sent me. Our voices have grown similar in places. It felt strange to put another email in the "Mrs. Cavanagh" label, but not at all bad.

My heart is singing. She did it. She emailed me first, without knowing that it was one of the things I wanted most in the world.

Karma, I love you. Mistress Fate, you too. In fact, any of you creatures or concepts that resemble something similar or would appreciate the love and gratitude. The joy that is coursing through my body/mind/soul/combination where there once was pain is refreshing and revitalizing.

I don't have the energy to fear what sort of response she will have, whether to clarify that she didn't truly wish to open up communication, or if there is no response, or if she will try to get Wise Adult on me when it isn't necessarily required, or what. She contacted me. My heart is at ease.

(And my entries are very UU, I have realized.)
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Hip Birthday

As I mentioned in an application to a scholarship, I am the only 18-year-old I know with a one-year-old hip. With that in mind, I wish a happy birthday to my ceramic hip Fluffy (whose name I gratefully ascribe to lash_larue).

Dearest (truly) Fluffy,

Thank you with all my heart for serving me so well for this year. I hope I have served you equally and that you are proud of my stumbling achievements and attempts to regain lost footing in the physical world. To be reunited with the physical activities I yearned for so much through these last few years has been more wonderful than I could have imagined previously.

Please don't take offense when I yearn for a time with no hip issues, or for my old hip. Nor when I mourn the few losses I have cut--the constraints to my stretches, movement, and duration of mobility. If I whine at those take joy in the fact that I can angst about something so menial. My prior complaints or worries were along the lines of, will I walk in my future? will I have motion in my hip joint? will I ever run again? will I swim? will I ever be physically normal? Please take it to "heart" that my worries have lightened so much!

I hope you are enjoying your time with me. My love and gratitude for you are endless. I hope to be yours for decades to come. And you know even when we must physically part, I have a history of keeping part of my skeleton in my closet (well, really, my altar) and that I fully consider you part of my skeleton. You will receive the very same right of passage. I expect as much from an Adult Kiwi. (I have this lingering feeling that she will be just as eccentric. Aren't you excited to watch me grow into her?!)

But what morbid subjects to confer on your first birthday! I look forward to many long years with you, and many fun and interesting activities. How would you like rock climbing? some romantic evenings? sailing? A whole matter of things I can't even conceive at this moment.

So happy birthday, Fluffy. You're my faithful pal and part. Welcome to your second year as part of Team Kiwi!

So much love,
The Hippie-Hippy Kiwi

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Fluffy, happy birthday to you!