June 17th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

The Excitement

My alarm didn't go off and Mum woke me up. Rushed to work. It went by pretty OK. Some cranky times, some funny times, lots of claims.

Home from work conversation with Aunt Dawn that was pretty geh and then awkward convo. with Grammie and some fooling around and cake. Then online cleaning through stuff and emailing and comments. Music.

Was about to start on my room (was working on a big email for Shaya) when I got a call from "Bailey." It was Toast. Bailey left her key in her car at the cinema. Then I went to the wrong cinema 'cause Toast had accidentally agreed it was the one in Bellingham. Drove over to North Attleboro.

They tried for a while to get into the car with what I had brought. Eventually had me start calling around. 411 to police, but I picked the wrong town. Then indoors to cinema but they couldn't help. Back on the phone to police, but charge to be towed or helped out. Called AAA and signed Bailey up on her family card. They came and popped open the car with a similar method, only they had a thicker tool and a wedge.

I danced around in the rain. Loads of fun. A few games. Some writing.

Thought the movie (The Happenings or something) was rubbish. Not much attachment to characters. Really quick, stupid things added in for plotline that were just rushed and stupid.

Then back here and they're sleeping downstairs in the guest room.

I'm upstairs alone chatting on IM with Lindsay, which is completely shocking. Completely. I am so shocked.

Reminds me of the quote of the day:

Toast: Watch you make the alarm go off!
Bailey: My car isn't alarmed!
Kiwi: Right, it's shocked and appalled.

Yeah I'm corny and not funny. So shoot me. Grin. Situations like that need some nice dry humor. Especially when it's about to storm.

Shaya asked about tomorrow. I think Mum'll clobber me about not doing thank you notes and stuff, but I haven't seen her forever. Sigh. Always so much to do!

- Thank you cards.
- Clean room.
- Do Dean Transcript with her.
- Visa/passport stuff.
- Welcome Da home.
- Late Da's Day card.
- Always more scholarships.

My head is itchy. I can't wait to shower.

I am so shocked.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Somehow, I'm not surprised I'm the last of we three Aggie misfit muskateers to lose it.

I don't mean that in a mean or condescending way. If any way, in a somewhat somber one.

Red loved him, even though he was a jerk. It took a lot for her to work up to it but she did it, and even though it ended I think she's OK. And she's found a good kid for the summer.

Blue has loved him for years now, it seems. He was so slow. I'm so glad they got together for the culmination of senior year. They work very well together and he's a good kid too.

They always had crushes through school. And sure they annoyed me with their talk of boys and good hair, but I always knew I was a bit jealous. I barely ever had someone to talk about. No one I was interested in. Just crushmonsters chasing after me.

That hasn't changed much. They still have their boys with good hair. I still don't have a fancy.

Little sigh. I know it'll come. I'm moving across the ocean to meet like-minded people interested in study and play. With accents! Little smile.

No, I'm not surprised I'm the last one. A little sad to be so far behind them. Or not so far in time, but in steps. I would like to fall. I would like to find someone who will dance in the rain with me and take courageous and compassionate steps with me hand-in-hand, the way they have found those who will play video games with them and do the things they enjoy.

I know it will happen, and that after a while I will offer my body as any woman Goddess (for aren't we all?) will. That my body will only go with my heart and my mind, because if my mind isn't in on it there's no deal. Another catch. If an intellect approaches mine and gets my mind spinning, well, you're halfway there.

No BAGLY snogging or grinding or groping does anything for me without my mind and heart and body all in it together.

Some day soon I think they'll form a committee and decide once and for all they've FALLEN, and gods help me, that day my knees and brain and chest will weaken and spin and flutter, respectively.

But so help me I'll be in ecstasy.