June 15th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

The Magic of Moonlight and Stars Collide in the Morning

I guess I should go back to feeling very depressed now.

But first I have to be productive, and do my Dean College Transcript application and begin cleaning my room.

Only those thoughts depress me, so I guess it really is right back to depression.

Shoot. Guess the only way to work through this is to work through the sadness and take off Amy Speace, because as amazing as her voice is, her songs are really quite sad/and or romantic, and thus sad again.

101 days until England.
(Now I'm thinking of dalmatians.)

OK. I wonder if I'll cry tonight.
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    Amy Speace
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I wish you all were around to hug physically.

I could use a big group hug so much the idea almost makes me cry.

I could use a big hug and a nice Rowe check-in and some beautiful outdoor time with loving individuals and wit and warmth and compassion.


My heart hurts. Emotionally. Not from heartbreak or anything of the sort (well, maybe a little bit, but of a different variety). I'm overwhelmed but excited. I'm still feeling somewhat lonely.

The number of times I have dreams about all of my el-jay friends all in one room just being together, it's insane. What a strange fantasy to hold.

I'm going to try cleaning and reading more written journal entries instead of crying, but if the tears come up I won't stop them.

Almost time for another of my infamous extremely long entries. I can hear the groaning in the distance already.