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Kiwi Crocus
12 June 2008 @ 12:34 am
The packing thing isn't going anywhere. I've read webcomics and written a Sheroes Blowing Off Steam post.

It's weird. I'm sitting here, and Snoopy comments to me that she read Tammy's Circle of Magic. Which I borrowed out to her. And it's my safety series, with those characters. That was especially true freshman year with all the surgery junk. And now she has been introduced to Girlyman, which was another big freshman year thing. Now too of course. I'm just remembering how even though my outward appearance and the way I express myself has changed entirely, my interests and core values have not wavered.

So I sit here listening to Counting Crows from my DVD player (CC being a huge fresher thing for me to do) and thinking about CoM and being on livejournal and having a rainbow room and being somewhat snarky with myself and hard on Lisa.

This is the summer before my fresher year. I'm back here again. How utterly bizarre.

Instead of packing my head in preparation for a whole new school, I'm packing a suitcase. Instead of nursing a dying hip, I'm approaching the one-year birthday of my new Hip Friend. Instead of reading Tammy, I'm reading That Takes Ovaries and other assortments of non-fic or informational books.

It's funny to think how much reading Circle of Magic changed my life. Strange, really. Prior to reading it around surgery time I stubbornly clung to animal science, even when I felt but would not admit that I was enjoying plant more. That Watsonii fit me so much better than any animal science teacher would. She was my Rosie. I stood before her with my two different shoes (to which her eyes glittered in amusement and her mouth was drawn in a sarcastic smile) and my strange crutches, and I was ready to learn. I laughed inside at her threats, for even as she scared the other freshers and even all the way up to the seniors, I respected her power but knew she would not use it against me if I tried my best. I tried my best. I was one of her elite. I was 'Watson in Training,' I was 'Ms. Plant Guides,' I was at every plant sale.

Good gods I love that woman. And even though Mrs. Cav was somewhat my Lark (minus the relationship between the two), I'm OK. She is still around. I'm still around.

Goodbye for now, my Rosie. I love you. I hope you keep on threatening those children and getting them to work. I hope you inspire them the way you've inspired me. I hope you never lose your spunk or your wonderful character. I hope you are still able to open up to a few students here or there, like you did with me.

I really am an incredibly strange student to have. A strange person. Enjoyable.

Hey. I have ovaries.


(Maybe I can handle the packing now. I love that I fell into one of my I-stayed-up-until-tomorrow,let's-get-to-thinking moods. It's the most productive thing I do when I'm not being productive.)
Current Music: Counting Crows -- I Am Ready
Kiwi Crocus
12 June 2008 @ 03:03 am
I did the packing.

It hurt some, really. But it helped as well. If I wanted to put something in the bag, but I also REALLY wanted it for the summer I understood that it was important enough for me to keep now but put in later. Other stuff I put in with a little ping but was excited to see again when I reach England.

I put in (here's what I can remember):

- The single duvet.
- My prayer shawl from FUSF.
- NHS sweatshirt.
- Warm PJ top.
- Boots.
- Heeled skirt boot-like shoes.
- AFK hat, for memories and style, even though it's technically Hitomi's but we did a trade and until the day we decide to trade back, haha, I guess it's temporarily mine. But it's a wonderful memory. (I hope you don't mind, Hitomi? I do wear it all the time. And I will be totally stoked to trade back when you want, even though now that it's packed that'll mean either winter hols or after.)
- Kiwi hat, because it cemented my nickname back in 8th grade, it's good with sun, and I love it.
- Silly long winter hat that I love.
- A rainbow flag and then a mini one.
- Pictures from NHS induction with Mrs. Cav and Watsonii and Quinny's hand and me in a strange outfit.
- My flute.
- Singing the Living Tradition / UU hymn book.
- Graduation hat and tassles.
- Time-turner necklace for memories.
- PotC necklace for Rowe memories.
- Pictures.
- Wrinkle in Time because I don't think I have a copy of my FAVORITE from that series (maybe a Wind in the Door?) but I love that copy and it has bonding memories with the Cavinator.
- Three bumper stickers; one that's the "Sorry I missed church I was busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian," one UU one, and a Equality one.
- My unicorn stuffie from when I was too short at like 13 to ride the roller coaster and they let me pick anything I wanted from the gift shop, and it ironically sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
- A box filled with letters and cards and happy things like that. Box I made as my last project in woodworking.

That's all I can remember.

I want to get one of these for my duvet cover. It's really not that expensive, either. I'm asking Mum if she thinks it'll work.

So the packing for now is done. It's official, then. With this batch of stuff headed across the puddle it locks the fact that I will be going.

I'm excited.

Now to get my crap together for that.

Always too much to do.

I wish I had a memory object to remind me of Fraser. =/.

ETA: I emailed Duffie today asking about my paper and how I can get my hands on it (if he'll snail mail it to me or if I should go pick it up) and sent Quinny a webcomic. So much for not contacting teachers.