June 2nd, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


This weekend has been super eventful like whoa. And I still haven't made a huge entry encompassing even my prom. I am so behind with this.

Remember to write about:
KP Prom.
Night after prom.
Day after prom with Snoopy.
Night before graduation with everyone.
Graduation day.
Graduation night.

Still haven't had time to reply to peoples' messages and now I even have one from Makuchan, whom I adorrrre right now.

Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow after work. If I'm not going off to go hang out with Makuchan and write, because she wants a writing buddy and I'm a good pick for that!

I'm tired but I can't sleep. I have work tomorrow and I think I'm going in at 9. So although I'll be tired, I'll be done by 2 and have the day ahead of me instead of just the evening as I do when I end at five.

I love my dog. He's so cute when he's sleepy and turning about with his eyes barely opened.

Ari texted me asking if I'm awake. She can't sleep and she "needed someone cool to talk to."

Huh. 'kay.

Off I go.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Hopefully short rant because I'm busy.

I was just browsing the Tammy Book section of sheroes and there were a few posts on "The Lesbians." Like Daja, Lalasa, the other one, whatever. And one thing I kept seeing in different places was "they would have been just as good as friends."

And I'm like, excuse me?

Writing books isn't about getting rid of things just because it would have been "just as good" without a change. If books were made up of the bear minimum--just the skeleton of the plotline--why the frak would I want to read them? And of course I'm not just saying that because those lesbians would be gone. There wouldn't be as good description because, hey, it could have been "just as good" without it.

But would it really? Isn't it the subtleties of the texts and stories that allow us to actually THINK? And we're all going to think about different things. When there are really subtle heterosexual couples, I tend to sit there and think, "Are they...?" And then giggle and smirk if I so desire. Sure I tend to catch homosexual relations really quickly but who wouldn't expect that, when we tend to look out for things we relate to?

I just think it's dumb to use "would have been just as good" as a basis for not doing something in a book.

If I suggested to them Briar shouldn't have been Quite So Interested in sex, saying "he would have been just as good without being that way" they would fly up in arms. And his fear of being alone wouldn't have been explained as well, which is important for a main character, but still. One of the Lalasa/whatever characters was like terminally shy if I remember correctly, and it was because of the friendship that she was more capable. It makes even more sense for that to be true if they're lovers over just friends, to me.

But maybe I'll just go settle for "would have been just as good" and read the most boring, everything-right-in-the-open, no mystery, let's-not-use-our-minds kind of book.

That sounds enthralling.