May 21st, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

D-U-N Done!

Don't feel like a long entry at the moment.

I has a warm pug in my lap and he is teh cute.


That is filled with much win.

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.



Devil's Panties -

Not only is she doing her current section on her meeting with Tammy (Tamora) Pierce, but she's UU!! <3. That is so filled with fabulous that it's unbelievable.

I can sense the fangirl instinct in me firing up.

I'm not even going to stop it.


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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Last Day of Senior Year

Woke up. Fast shower. Got gas. Read in the library until bell. Studied bio. Signed out of maths. Joked about the reproductive system.
Bio took quiz. Was officially done with school. Made Coop laugh a lot.
Maths in plant science. Read.
Lunch with Steele, she enjoyed it.
Study. Shaya visited. I ate pizza. Michelle has prom ticket available for $20-40. Called Snoopy, who was sleeping.
Platmat helped move stuff around. Watsonii was childish but I loved it. She's so fabulous.
Double Garden I slept the last few moments of my senior year away and it was fab.

A lot of really beautiful moments. Coming out of Kemp Hall after bio, the sun shining and seniors playing around the trees, it was just gorgeous. I realized how important a good campus actually is to me. University of Reading, here I come.
Checked chem. books for mine but didn't fine it. Going to die.
Cleared out my Kemp locker. Kissed my fingers and pressed them to my old freshman locker to say goodbye to Little Kiwi. Said goodbye to all the plants. Cleared out my plant science lockers while the staff partied at Mattison's baby shower party. Quinny was shocked to see me. That woman is so used to normality it's a wonder I didn't explode her mind.
Realized I don't frequently mean, "Goodbye," but, "See you in the future." I prefer TTFN now. Ta ta for now. For now being the key.
Although it is a goodbye since I'll never be a student there again. I didn't feel very sad.
An overwhelming sense of peace.

Drove home and planned with Snoopy.
Internet and a bit of poke-cleaning here and there, like I'm going to do again.
That webcomic is AMAZING. The girl who rights it is basically just me, haha. Straight. But me. Big smile. I'm loving it so much.

Will try to get Michelle's ticket. Have to find her tomorrow. Geh.
Have to look through the English books tomorrow before school.
Then sign out for like no time.

Time for more poke-cleaning and bed.