May 19th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Work Done

English reading = done.
Maths summary = onto a third page instead of just onto a second. Oops.
Visual aspect = written few-question survey and a little table with some women in math and their field.
Science homework to be done in study.

Geh. Just realized that I never wrote that interiorscapes paper.
Guess I'll have to lie to Brods and say I left it at home and will bring it in tomorrow.
Why is it that I'm OK to lying to her about stuff like that when I wouldn't be with other teachers? I guess it's because, when it comes down to it, if she says, "I don't care you get a 0" I really don't care that much. My grade in Interiorscapes will not affect the rest of my life.
Guess that means I'll be doing my Interiorscapes paper on the same day that I'm doing my English paper.
'least the Interiorscapes one only has to be a page. Who caaaares.

Now it is time to shower and get ready for this reasonably stressful day.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Schoolwork 99.9% Over!

Woke up at 4:45 or whatever, read through the last of the English book, summarized my maths article and wrote up the summary, wrote a visual part, and took a shower.
Mum and Da drove me to school.
Called up to the office and told I owe the $118 and I need to pay it unless I go through ALL the literature and grammar books (which have changed rooms through the last three years) and chemistry books to find the ones with my numbers. Then the teacher signs off and I don't have to pay. No one thinks it's fair since they were just classroom books, only they had to have my name on them because I needed in school books.
Did my bio homework. Mrs. Cavanagh made copies of my sheet because she's sweet.
Second period I got a 91 in bio homework which I guess means I missed a homework, which shocks me. Only one I missed all year. I still have a 107. That's OK. Classwork.
Maths I did my presentation and it went pretty well.
Lunch I bought lunch and watched video games.
Am. Lit. I took the test and it wasn't too bad.
Platmat I finished my project and looked up a plant and was taken around the campus to show our site selections and pick trees for the "Frisbee Golf" game Watsonii invented where we have to throw it at certain trees mentioned in botanical names.
Interiorscapes I wrote most of my How to be Green paper.
Garden I finished it.

Busride home sat with Pantaxi and life was good.
Off at Wampum and picked up by Mum and Jane from Mum's old work.
Drove home with no license in the van.
Home for Internet and food.
Had fun procrastinating and slowly doing my paper while in chats.

Miss Wifey because I has no phone and no license and she has no car.

Before prom I'm apparently going to Laura's, and after prom I'm going with them to see the release of Indiana Jones. I want to invite someone to go with me but I'm not sure who I could invite.
I wonder if Snoopy would even be awake then after prom. It'd be funny if we hung out with each other after both of our proms, since I'm going to the all night party with her after her prom.
Now I'm going to go read and bask in the freedom of my life.