May 18th, 2008

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I'm home. Let's see. The car ride there was terrible. I was relieved when we got there. I found Brandon and the Trio and a few other people. We hung out in Ziegler and had a good time. Missed dinner 'cause we were late. Steven and Sara went off alone constantly so we never really saw them. Me, Rachel, Brandon, and Dweeb planned to sleep in Ziegler but then Laura Cerrier reported that we weren't allowed to anymore. We were like "WTF? Our parents said we could." They said it was a common area, that it was bad for a fire, that we needed supervision, it wasn't fair that we got to sleep there and other people couldn't sleep in other common places, bla bla bla. But she did it in a really annoying way.

So apparently people didn't "know" that we were sleeping in Ziegler the years before. Which is bulllll. And Mum and Da came in and were saying the same thing, fighting for us, and all Laura could say was, "I'm on the committee! I'm on the committee!" and I'm thinking, 'Yeah, way to be UU, hide behind your committee.' So the group of us got up and hung around Quillen for a while. Then we bumped into Laura and Karen. Karen was like, "I'm on your side but I'm on Laura's too because it's hard to be the badguy plz don't huwt me youthies." So we shrugged and were like yeah OK. Then they were like "OHIKNOWZ! We should have a meeting!" and then everyone turned to me and I agreed as long as it wasn't one of those Adults on High Horses Spouting Rules Off to Teens. They agreed. We put Brandon up in our room since Mum and Da take the pads out from the bottom bunks and put them on the floor to create a double bed. While we were walking around I started singing randomly and sang, "We are UU's./We hate our youth./We lock them up/So they don't fuck." It became somewhat our theme song.

Saturday morning we woke up and went to breakfast. It was alright. We ate together and it was fun. Then there was moseying around and such. We made a huge pile of pillows in Ziegler and lounged around in it. The adults came at 11 and there was a "talk" that mainly consisted of the adults talking and then asking, "What are your ideas?" All the kids would look to me (I was later told I looked very cross) and I would repeat, "Two to three A.M. for curfew" for the 5th time and there would be a rumbling agreement from the youth. At last it was negotiated that we were not allowed to sleep in Ziegler but that we could stay in, with the Doors Open and the Lights On (because we UUs just HATE conserving energy) until 2 in the morning. Which was reasonable. But combined with the face that there was no soda to be found anywhere and that we weren't allowed on the beach in the evening, nothing was really going to please us. We played Apples to Apples but the people playing didn't seem to grasp how to make the game interesting so that failed. I was once again reminded by all of the time beforehand that I was the only senior present and that two of the three juniors I appreciated most weren't there.

Gar arrived. Brandon, Gar, and I walked down to the Grove and hung out in Brandon's little trailer thing. We got a call that Arah had come so we went and met her. She was like "Wellz I'd prefer to be alonez but Da told me people wanted me" and we were like, "Gee yeah thanks, make us feel good, knowing that you don't want to be here." And she made some snipe about how unlike us, she could be alone, and she pointed that out particularly to me. So I went Kiwi on her arse and was like, "Excuse me? You think I can't be alone? I'm a very capable person at just BEING, being anywhere and everywhere and with anyone or no one." She apologized. We hung around the loft for a while and then Ziegler again.

I don't really remember lunch or if we went at all. I know I went for my chore but my fam. had pretty much finished it in the five minutes that I was late (normally my watch is early but apparently for once it was on time which was uncool) so I sat with Gar watching the adults get tipsy during the wine tasting. Carol came over and asked us about our life plan. I felt that I took up too much of the conversation. She gave a bit of her life story and it was nice. Talked about how both of us should sign the book and I felt reasonably pressured, but I know it's because she loves me. Dinner was pretty nice.

We hung around while Gar cleaned. Michael gave me an 88 cent recorder to play around with and we had fun. Grammie tried to call me but it failed. Right before talent show we went down to the Grove and Brandon changed clothes. We went to the talent show. There wasn't much talent, but Sarah and a few others were really great. The Green Committee had terrible jokes. We were all groaning. By the end I was just screaming, "Ouuuuuuch!" It was still great fun. When it ended I changed clothes to something warmer.

Gar, Arah and I went down to the beach (breaking rules but HAAAAA, we don't care Ferry Beach comittee! Our parents said we could and they're less ridiculous! Also, we're not going to attempt swimming and almost drown like other people apparently did). We had a check in. Arah told us about how one of her friends from school had died and it was so hard. We talked about our fears of going to college or getting in. More talking. Then we went to the bonfire. There was teal fire in places and it was strange. Went as a "sign" hand-in-hand with the fireworks we had seen across the water on the beach. The moon had been beautiful. Arah had also read a few pieces of poetry from her little book. After the bonfire we went to the Quillen loft and listened to Critical Mass play. Requested a few songs and sang. I suggested we go "hug attack" Joni, our adviser who broke it off with her 14 year lover and is now moving to California. When we got there and hugged her I sat down and she immediately took a pillow and rested in my lap. I rubbed her back and knew I smelled alcohol, and that a lot of her actions came from that. It was heart-breaking to see her so needy. Mark came over and rested on her stomach. Gar rested on my lap the other way and Arah at last joined in. I thought a lot and cried a little and it was beautiful. I realized that no matter where I am educationally in the years to come, or what my career or job in life is, as long as I can have moments like those with people I love I am a happy soul. After that we headed back to Ziegler.

Apparently Caleb and Steph had almost hooked up but then Steph had backed out and everyone was calling her a tease and they dubbed the Trio (Steph, Elizabeth, Alex) the "three whores" only they said Alex wasn't really a whore, Steph was really just a tease, and Elizabeth was Elizabeth. So I groaned and sighed and remembered I was the only senior there. Caleb went and stole alcohol from the kitchen in a number of rounds. My brother acted like a stuck up moron. There was much drama and I was sad. But I had great fun cuddling with Brandon, Arah, and Gar.

At 2 Karen came in. We had been napping some. She told us to go up to our rooms. We took in Arah in our room as well. We had 6 people in the room. (Oooops, broke a rule Ferry Beach Committee, but our parents said we could!) We decided that my "FBI" hat (which I constantly wore) stood for "Ferry Beach Inquisition" so we went about it as if it were a Monty Python event.

Woke up on Sunday and showered. Met Arah at breakfast. We ate together. Walked around and went to the beach. Arah, Gar and I went into the water up to our knees and played around with the ocean. Sang about Jesus and repenting for our sins, which was funny. Then Sue came over and dared Arah to fall backwards into a wave for 50 cents. She did it. Then I dove in and swam around for a little bit. Dweeb dove in and lost his glasses. Then it was time for pictures so we gathered before Quillen. Took the picture. Arah and I went up and showered together, then dried off. Had lunch of a very strange sandwich that everyone was amused by. Nancilee had me go over her table with Duncan, Priscilla, and Carol to explain what I had on it. Then there was closing circle.

After that we cleaned up our rooms and yada yada yada. We ended up having icecream at Ferry Beach rather than going to the place we always go, which was a downer to me and Arah. It wasn't that great but it wasn't too horrible either. Lots of talking about me and my shawl. Carol flattered me continuously. Jumped in the car and I slept on the ride home.

It turns out there is no official rule from the Ferry Beach people that says people can't sleep in common rooms. That was what the Committee used most against us. So that's pretty annoying. A man walked through Ziegler at one point when the St---ey's where in there and said, "I wonder why people don't get to sleep in here? Oh wait, this is the--" and Mum said, "This is the youth room. It's theirs." Thanks, Mum! Yes. If anyone gets to sleep in the Ziegler room, it's US.

And that was my last Ferry Beach as a senior youth. We did have some fun with the Drama of the Youth Vs. Committee thing and making lots of Committee jokes. Like, "Ugh I have to go pee!" "Are you sure that's been approved by the committee?"

Inside Jokes:

FBI = Ferry Beach Inquisition
"We are UUs. We hate our youth. We lock them up, So they don't fuck."
Youth response in song = "Sex sex sex sex We are the best at sex sex sex sex... (repeat)"
"Como se dice 'I have 10 pounds of crabs in my pants' en espanol?" for a joke about my having gained 10 pounds but not being able to see where it had gone on my body.
-Points to self- "I" -Puts hands together-ish and waggles fingers- "Am excited for" -opens and closes fingers as a cab motion- "for crabs." Because we're immature and joke about crabs.
"Ah shitmannn" made a comeback from last year.
Continuous Committee jokes.
Others that I will remember later.

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To Do Now:

- Call Lisa for bio homework.
- Do bio homework.
- Read the last chapters of Pudd'nhead Wilson.
- Look through sparknotes and such.
- Do one-page summary of maths article.
- Make up presentation for maths article.
- Start cementing (AKA start) English paper.

Yeah, there will not be a lot of sleeping tonight. At least I only have two more days of this actual school stuff. Hooray!
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So. Planning.

I have a study first period.
There's always the 20 free minutes before that.
Lunch is another free 20 minutes.

I could be risky and organize a presentation then, but there's the chance I'll get distracted or too nervous by the close timing. New plan for maths is to go up and do it like all the other people don't don't prepare much by not having a powerpoint and just reading and talking about some points. Starting with, "I'm sorry to not go all OverAchiever on you today, but even I have fallen to senioritis." Even Mrs. Quinn will laugh at that. So I think I'll go for being funny and making sure to point out the connection to math at the end. I don't care that it won't be great. She drops the lowest grade and the lowest grade I have this term is a 94.

I could do my bio homework but I'm always afraid I won't finish it. Maybe I should do half and save half.

I could save my English reading and do that in the study and lunch. But if I couldn't get into the book and there were distractions, that would be bad.

Yes I am afraid of leaving homework for school. That is reasonably pathetic.

But at least I know that if I fall asleep on my work I have at least an hour and a half in which to do it tomorrow.

Bio = due second period, so it could only be done in the 20 minutes before school and first period study.
Maths = due third period, so the same.
Am. Lit. = Fourth period, so it could use lunch as well.

Oh. Harry Potter OotP is up and ready to play, so it's time to get down to business. Sigh.
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My purse has disappeared. I know I took it into the car on Friday because I put my cell phone charger in it while I was in the car. I know I brought it into the rest stop on the way up because I remember it fell down my shoulder while I was carrying my tray and almost made me tip the tray.

Now I'm trying to remember if it left the rest stop. I'm pretty sure it did because I could swear I saw it in our room in Roland and thought, "Should I take my purse? No, it's too heavy and there's nothing I need." But since there WAS nothing I needed, there was never any reason for me to go into it and so I never touched it while I was there. Which means I could be imagining that it was in the room at all.

It isn't in the car.

So. My keen imagination DID imagine the purse into the car. Mum found the number of the service station before me and called. They have my purse. It was really awkward because I described it as having an "anti dyke-drama" pin and I could tell he wasn't a fan haha. But that's OK, at least it's there.

Now I have to look at the penalties of being caught driving without a license (since I'm still a licensed driver and they would be able to tell by looking it up, but we're supposed to have our physical license as well) to see if I want to risk driving for tomorrow while Mum calls again to figure out if they're going to send it to us or if Unk is miraculously going down the turnpike anyway and would like to help us out.

I'll probably end up going to the DMV and paying for a new license anyway so that I can have the paper one. Then I'll have an extra license anyway that I can keep hidden and safe for any future times I misplace my purse. (Misplacing important items runs in my family.)

Well. This has been exciting.

$15 and two forms of IDs to go replace the license. Would be able to do that probably tomorrow and would then be able to drive with the paper replacement for the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (needed for school and prom) and until my purse came by mail since Unk doesn't have a job any time soon and has no reason to drive down south.

I'm a real dummy sometimes!
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Kiwi: Heh I wish. Don't really have any money. =/. Maybe I'll have my "wife" make me up or something. Or I'll just go. I'm trying to get it to clear up anyway.
Lisa: whos this wife?
Kiwi: Snoopy. We dressed up in her grandmother's and aunt's wedding dresses and took pictures, and we bicker a lot, and we don't have sex, so we decided that we're marrieed.
Lisa: well u should have sex seeing your only newly married
Kiwi: That would be wicked awkward. I'm not sure I could ever have sex with Snoopy. o_o.
Lisa: lol
Lisa: wats your dress look like for prom?
Kiwi: Green and white. Not puffy. Sort of just flows down and all. I like it.
Lisa: ooooo
Lisa: oh by the way we have to go to the areopostal at wrentham outlets
Kiwi: Why's that?
Lisa: there is this wicked cute chick that works there if i was gay i would totaly want her and im pretty sure shes into the ladies cuz she kinda flirts with me everytime i go in and she has a rainbow belt so you should meet her
Kiwi: What does she look like?
Lisa: hmm she has short black hair
Lisa: shes white
Lisa: thin
Lisa: taller than me
Lisa: bown eyes
Lisa: she kinda looks like my bf cuzin let me see if i can find a pic of her
Kiwi: You're never ever going to believe me, but that's my wife.