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Kiwi Crocus
15 May 2008 @ 08:57 pm
I had to go pee a bajillion times and on the last time I was like, "Why the frak am I peeing so much more than normal, which is a lot anyway?"

And then I remembered. Coffee.

Coffee, you are so not full of win.

Neither is my congestion.

Not full of win. Full of mucus. (If you're thinking "TMI" think what you please, but I'm SURE we've all experienced a cold, thanks.)


I was like, "Gee, tonight I'm going to be supertastically productive!" And then I got home and I was like, "Gehhhhh I feel like yuck, I'm going to put that off." So now I still feel like yuck and it is still pushed off and blech.

It's like 9. And Ari didn't reach me. But I didn't reach her either. So we're kinda both losers. But I did make a pantload of random Kiwi icons that I will keep on my computer until I find further use for them. The one for this entry is an example.

Some day, I will have room for more icons.
Current Music: Wicked - What Is This Feeling
Kiwi Crocus
15 May 2008 @ 11:45 pm
Can we all guess how much I've accomplished since my last post?

If your guess resembles a goose egg, you'd probably be close to correct!

I feel like death warmed over in a bucket of urine. (Isn't that a refreshing image?)

And since I can't bring reports of my productivity, I will spam you with a chatroom chat.

imreaaallyboredCollapse )

Now that you have been sufficiently spammed I'm going to go be entirely too tired and gross-feeling to do anything nice. I hate being sick.

Ferry Beach this weekend!

Need to remember my Dirr book so Duncan and Priscilla can sign it.