May 13th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Tired and Sick Days

I woke up and hurried to get up. M 'nd D drove me to school. Studied for bio and we had an interesting conversation about evolution and the mating habits of mammals.
Got to school early and chatted with Mrs. Cavanagh. I have decided that this will be awkward no more, and so it has become. But it's strange to watch my liking for someone decline. It's not as though I'm beginning to dislike her, it's just that without the nourishing we used to do to our friendship, it stayed the same or got stronger. Since we've pulled back (and not in the way Dana and Lindsay did, by RIPPING theirs away and watching it re-build) it's a strange experience to watch a friendship untangle.
Went to NHS to check my meeting status and I had been to more than enough, plus we were only talking about graduation and I had gone the year before as an NHS member to pass out stuff. In GSA we talked about the GSA and Hoegler was in a good mood. Went back to study and continued studying for bio.
Took the bio quiz and it was easy. Did my viewer lab. Cooper had me come up to check my notebook to see if she had missed something that all of the first period had remembered but the second period hadn't. I underlined each thing she said we should remember and she saw that what she was looking for wasn't underlined. The fact that in the second stage of stress we use up our stores of glucose. So while I didn't have that, I had that the hypothalamus sends the necessary materials to the liver for it to synthesize glucose, and if the liver has to synthesize more it makes sense that the other stores had been used up.
Pre-calc we saw a few presentations and I wrote in that new journal-like thing I bought at the mall. A 99-cent little notebook in which to write to "Future Kiwi." A notebook to be filled with my "DK, LK"s ("Dear Kiwi, Love Kiwi"s) and other such nonsense. During lunch I bought lunch and watched people play video games.
Am. lit. Duffie called up before class, "Hey Kiwi, come here" and I asked, "What did I do wrong?" He then started beckoning me and added that it was nothing. I made a face and said to a few classmates, "It has to be something if he even did the beckoning sign." He gave me a sheet about a summer school for writing offered at Tufts. He was so pleased to give it to me that I didn't have the heart to tell him it was only for '09 and '10. He said there was no one else he would imagine giving it to.
Double plat mat I collected Redbud samples and watched some of the dog shows and Shaya's performance. Baited Mrs. Cavanagh into conversation by replying to, "Is that your dog?" from Nelson with, "No, my dog is uglier." She promptly (as I had guessed) responded, "Your dog isn't ugly! He's cute." Wonder what my perverse pleasure is with getting her to join into conversation with what I think she's going to say. I guess it's that in order to do so she has to acknowledge parts of our past friendship. Not very honorable, but it doesn't hurt her and it makes me feel better as sad as that is.
In Inter I made a second song parody that is actually evil and funny-ish so that's good.
Garden we went outside to "organize perennials" and I fell asleep on my feet around three times. Tom was throwing rocks at me, apparently, and I didn't notice. Giggle.

Helped Shaya with Tom. Went to Hoegler's and worked on ribbons.
Chatted. She pointed out it was very one-sided in that only she asked questions and I answered them quickly. Tired Kiwi does such things. And I was concentrating. And companionable silence is wonderful too. But I'd still like her to know that I do care and have great interest in her answering the questions if she'd like, even if I don't hold up a mirror to each question.
Mum picked us up. Minnie told me her brother had thought I was adorable.
Got Shaya's dog in the car. Drove to Dweeb's tennis game.
Sarcastic conversation about the tennis match and tennis people. It wasn't as owwy as at school. Wonder why conversation was more owwy today. Wonder if it's because I was too tired for the walls I usually have. Huh. It was a lot of fun, though, sitting in the back of Dana and watching the games. Had her mother come pick her up at the tennis courts which irked me a bit because I thought it would be more respectful to just be home at the predetermined time but it's not really my mother's fault since she thought Shaya was going home at 5:30...
Met Liza (Shaya's sister) but not really. She didn't seem very receptive at just that moment so I was wondering if it was just how she was, if she was disappointed in my outfit that day (entirely boring), or by me in general, having a bad day, in a writer's trance and ready to get back into writing, etc. Curious. She seemed really neat though. I would never believe she was 10 if I hadn't already been told.

Went to the car dealership for Mum and then to pick up Da, and then to KFC because Dweeb vetoed sandwiches, and now home.
Sigh. Guess that means it's time for homework and sleep.
Might put on Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Days aren't as great when I'm tired. And I'm possibly getting sick, which isn't fair because I have Ferry Beach this weekend. But it's my fault for depressing my immune system with too little sleep and too much stress, so it's what I deserve...
I have too much due within the next (and last) seven school days.
I'm so excited for summer.
I'm so excited for university.
I'm so excited for this to end.

(I remember when Kathy had entries like these and I worried, "Am I going to be like that next year?" and I am.)
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