May 10th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Preparation and Music

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10:00 p.m.: Omigods, Tenacious D's Fuck Her Gently always reminds me of Rowe. I'm almost crying but it's delicious. Rowies, I love you so much.

10:07 p.m.: Got Da's T-Card if we end up using the T tomorrow (which is likely). Have to remember to stop at the bank tomorrow morning to deposit checks. Got into the strange gown that Mrs. Cavanagh gave me over the summer that I love and dressed up in for the HP 7th book release with Sapph and Mum/Trelly. xD.

10:59 p.m.: Eljay wit is so not real-life wit but it's funny anyway! And emails are fun and thought-provoking. (Not always the best for someone who's meg tired, but good anyway!) Ohohoh! My own poetry just came onto my shuffle on Winamp. Giggle.

11:49 p.m.: I'll get tired enough to sleep eventually, regardless of the sun's demand... (shameless Tegan and Sara drop.) Hmm... I think I'm almost done for the night ish. Nervous about tomorrow. Don't expect much sleep.

11:52 p.m.: A Spoonful of Sugar just came on and that's only the most perfect cleaning song there ever was. I sing this song all the time!

I have now looked everything up. I'm really worried about how tomorrow is going to run. Even if a few people do go, am I going to be with people I'm close with? Last time I went it was with Mac and Kory, and we were good pals. This time I'm Miss Leader. Am I going to be able to have fun too, or is this all just going to be stress?

Sigh. I almost miss the days of being a sophomore and just helping Mac out and having a good ol' time. Wait. Does that mean I'm the Mac now? So Renae is sort of the Kiwi.

Well. Head explosion.

As for today:

Took forever on Spanish final, missed bio and quiz. Quinny forgot to pass out a part of the exam so we all have to take that Monday. Britt cheated and got caught and is in trouble.
Maths we made a human period and Quinny was a nervous wreck but it was funny. Pictures.
Lunch had to move my car from where it was parked on the field and that was annoying. We ate, watched Dark Crystal (which Booby found on VHS!) and agreed to do that from now on with lunch.
Am. lit. discussed unwritten codes (which we had to write down for homework).
Study goofed off with Makuchan, who skipped her class to come with me.
Platmat went with Mrs. Shipley to get the Big Frakkin' Pot. I was inside it getting mulch bags out. There was much rain and running around and fun.
Doublt Garden Makuchan skipped her animal class and we hung out.
Went on the computers and looked up writing contests.
On the way out Makuchan started describing how she got Kevin to agree to skip school with her and Lindsay on Monday, and I started doing a parody of it. "Oh my, I'm just a weak woman, I won't be able to find my way to the Crackerbarrel restaurant. Oh big strong boyfriend, can't you help us find our way? We'll never manage with out you, mister man!" or some such nonsense. Fraser turned around with a funny look on her face and I replied, "Pardon me, I seem to have stepped into an alternate universe on my way from my locker." She laughed out loud and answered, "I love you Kiwi" which I have now heard twice in a week. Fantastic! It was her birthday but I was dumb and forgot in that moment because I forget too much.

Toast called us on the way home. Went to her house and hung with her Jason and Kyle.
Watched American Top Model. Showed lamps and comic books.
Drove them to the bank and Cumbies.
Went home with Makuchan and we played Rock Band.
Drove her home and wished her well.
Came home and have been cleaning, emailing, and chatting.

Snoopy picked this picture and sized it for me as my temporary "witty" icon because I felt I needed one after such long el-jay comment convos. They were fun. I added the box and text with MSPaint, which bites.

Such a funny picture from our marriage.

Now I'm dead tired and I'm going to sleep because I have to be awake in basically 7 hours.

I wonder how tomorrow is going to happen and who will show up and goodness, I haven't the faintest. But at least it's all planned out as for times and directions and all that stuff. Now I just see if I'm doing this alone or with friends.