May 4th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I am so incredibly frakked for school yet, somehow, I don't care? Uhoh, that's probably bad newz! Lawl.

I has to:

- Spanish paper with preterit and imperfect verb (major frakkage, but that class doesn't matter).
- Study for my bio test (which matters but I could also not pay attention in Spanish and just study. Will probably do both).
- Read chaps. 8-10 Pudd'nhead Wilson and summarize them.
- Work on interiorscapes paper (uhm haha, no? If Brodeur pulls a fast one on me who cares at this point? I pass it in late, wateverrrr).
- Work on garden design project (again haha no, because it's dumb and no one understands it and no).

So I is not TERRIBLY frakked but more of a "guhhh I'm not gunna get 'nough sleeps to-night" frakked.

I also have to study bio and Spanish 'cause I have those exams Thursday and Friday, grrrr.

On the bright side ('cause there's always a bright side):

- Snoopy gave me a surprise dragon pentacle into which she glued a little rainbow ball that I heartttt.
- Church was great fun.
- I went to Ann's installment and I wore a tail and did the chalice lighting and Carol talked to me all nice and the congregation loves me which is good because love is good but it also means they'll miss me when I'm gone. Carol said, "This place won't be the same without you" and I know she really means it.

Maybe more about junk at a later time 'cause today was nice even though I didn't get anything done.

(Sorry 'bout the grammar. When I'm in a sill-stressed mood I make it bad!