April 28th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

The Missed

So Friday Snoopy, Toast, Willis and I went clubbing. We drove to Rhode Island, couldn't find Mixx Club, and were generally like "WTF??" I was charming and asked for directions, grin. Eventually we discovered that club wasn't even open for a while. We decided to branch out and go to the gallery.

Omigod, they have a new fetish Friday! So we went and it was AMAZING. So many pretty girls. Met Drace (I think that's what her name was, since it was something like Grace but I kept messing up the pronunciation anyway she was really attractive and Willis dug her) and Skinny and one of the dancers. Plus Kyra (or Kyrie, hard to hear in clubs!) who danced with a lot of fist movements and drop-downs and it was beautiful. Drace had an excellent smooth-motion-freeze sort of dance that I admired. Willis seemed sufficiently enthralled with my dancing abilities.

Drace was jokingly showing us moves and I kept picking them right up, it was quite fantastic and amusing. She was like, "You're my hero!" in that wonderfully joking manner. I smiled brightly at her. The night was so much fun, just...guh, dancing, and dark beautiful girls, and more dancing... -Swoon.- OK yeah.

Saturday wasn't entirely exciting I guess. Can I remember what happened...? I worked for Lisa some and then went home with more work and yeah, I updated.

Sunday I got up in my Rainbow Getup and drove Lisa's stuff to her. She said I looked ridiculous but I winked at her and told her I had wings in the car. I went to service and everyone smiled at me. I listened to the music (it was music service) and danced some. Critical Mass had dinosaurs everywhere and played "Money" by Pink Floyd for offertory, because the senior youth had had the Critical Mess skit and the joke about its creation in the time of the dinosaurs, and we played that song for offertory.

After announcements I was called up and I went before the congregation. I called out, "Hi, I'm Iwik, the Rainbow Sprite! I'm also Kiwi's conscience, which is why she makes so many colorful decisions!" I then raved about Gay Pride and how its the only day I truly fit in as a Rainbow Sprite and how I had come all the way to be the rainbow for their spring rain and they should donate because this year Kiwi could actually WALK yet we were getting a car anyway so others could come along.

Mum handed me the donation box and I stood in the back smiling as loads of people dropped money in (saw lots of twenties) and commented on how "shy" I am with perverse little amused grins. Good conversations afterward.

Got home and found out we had raised all the money needed to cover our entry cost and have some left over for supplies. There was much rejoicing! Senior youth was great. We had a non-productive meeting because we just really needed the social time. We reminisced about Ferry Beach and I realized that I have spent 8 years of my life that and it was just crazy fun. Quack was there in the first time in forever! I love that girl. Made me remember how I used to be the shy little girl who followed her around.

Today I woke up meg late and barely scraped myself in. Blew out my knee somehow, too.
First period Spanish almost fell asleep.
Bio II realized I didn't have my notebook, took notes anyway.
Pre-Calc got a 93 on my quiz (for something dumb, missed one of the options in a combination and thought there were 4 cars to arrange instead of 5--such a bozo move!) and read my book while people whined.
Lunch ate alone, looked up Nipmuck number, tried to get in touch with Professor Crowley. Duffie talked about monkies because he's a crazy old loon but I heart him.
Am. Lit. we discussed Mark Twain and he asked me a question when I mumbled something with a smirk. After being told to repeat it, I answered, "It's when white slaveowners have sex with their slaves" and he was proud of me for remembering.
Platmat I composted plants that Jimbob and Jo threw. Watsonii called me, "One intelligent girl" and I gave her a look that read, "It was a dunce thought" because I have great difficulty being called intelligent and it was just my decision to save the pots rather than trash them--nothing life-altering.
Study Renae and Emilie were really loud, I was somewhat vexed but still glad to see them. Crowley replied that she was sorry she hadn't responded, she couldn't get into her messages, she had my paper, and was excited to read it. There was GSA discussion which always grates on my nerves a little and then too many of my buttons were pressed and I withdrew. After Shaya left I went to read my English.
Double Inter I shuttled around plants for no apparent reason because Brods is just so great like that. Sigh. I stuck magnolia petals to my face to signify tears and plants. Acer annoyed me and I glared at him.

Drove home in the pouring rain, which I enjoyed.
Watched two episodes of Heroes while eating and feeling remotely yucky.
Fell asleep for three hours.
Woke up and tried to catch up on life.
Did homework.
Came back and wrote this.

Now I'm going to go continue reading Crybaby Butch even though it's not my favorite but my wife really enjoyed it and thus I want to give it a chance. We have to return one of our library books. (Love how it's a "we.")

I am not excited for tomorrow. I somewhat dread getting up. Sigh on school, sigh on leadership. I would love to just take a behind-the-scenes role for once and not have to be Leader for basically all communities I'm a part of. But that's always what I'm voted for, isn't it? Goodness, what IS it about me that screams Leadership?--because *I* certainly don't.

Night night.