April 25th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Why did Ikki Tousen have to end?

Oh well. Onto Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny for tomorrow!

Now to bed, because I have an 8 o'clock class 40 minutes away shiiiiiite.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Speeding Carson

I woke up and went to Bridgewater.

I was kinda speeding on the highway because I was running late and then there was a cop on my arse with his siren and I was like, "Ohshiteohshite I am so busted." I was trying really hard to get into the center lane but there was a huge long line of cars. I finally did when someone slowed down and then the cop wasn't at me anymore. So I made big wide eyes as I watched the cop zoom off, cut everyone else off, and get off the next exit. The rest of the ride was smooth.

I got into Spanish and there was one kid in class and Bri up on the screen. I took out my Rachel Carson letter book that is really Snoopy's library book. Pam looked at it and said, "Oh, I should have known you'd be reading Rachel Carson! We're soul mates." I looked up at her and smiled and she talked about how she pretty much thought she was Rachel Carson reborn because they had the same birthday and Rachel died six weeks before she was born. I grinned, but only because sometimes I've wondered if there's just a bit of Carson in me as well.

Class was fun. The rest of the kids had somehow been locked out but everyone came in. One point I hiccupped and Danielle and Bri (on the screen, off at the Aggie) started giggling. I glared at them and told them to shut up, all joking.

Wished Pam off even though she gets awkward after class ends. Either she's always in a hurry or she is SERIOUSLY shy. I think it's the latter.

Called Willis, she didn't answer. Started driving home. She called. I turned around. We hung out at the campus center, went with her friend to do stuff, and then I drove to her house.

I played soccer with Kyle and Demon. It was soooo fun even though I was in a dress that wouldn't let me move and I epic failed a lot. We all sorta did. But it was so fun! Spring, I heart you. Barefoot soccer is the best in the world.

Went downstairs and watched Kyle, Willis, and Demon get high with The Lung, which was amazingly hilarious to watch. I read and swept the smoke away.

Drove Demon back to Bridgewater. Took a long way home because there was killer traffic on 495 North. Stopped at a family friend's. Went to the Willis' again. Had a message from Lisa down the road. Drove home.

So now I'm home and tired but I'll probably call Lisa and head down there to help out a little more. Maybe Snoopy will call and we will be able to get together before clubbing tonight.

I have to clean my room.