April 24th, 2008

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Sleepy Outline

So I think I'm turning off the computer now. I'll get in bed and continue fleshing out the outline (I'm impressed, I'm putting each piece of information where I want it and quoting some bits in case I feel like quoting). Want to have the computer off so I can just fall asleep on my outline--have my alarm on--and it'll be good.

10 a.m. wake up. That's really not bad at all.

First and second paragraph (well "topic" really) outlined. I'm really kinda excited now.

Why can't I realize before the day it's due that I actually will find a paper exciting? If I just cut out the procrastination step, my life would be so much easier.

I DO like researching and writing! I just don't like the stress--yet it's self-created!

I'm such a silly being.

Night night!
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(no subject)

Woke up at ten and have spent this time waking up. I've learned from Regular School (when I wake up early to do homework) that it's best to give myself some time to wake up. I would think that's especially true when I know that the minute I go to sit down and work on this, I won't be coming up to breathe for a while.

Gonna knock out the Serious Outline.

Then the rough draft should be basically a painting of skin over that.

The editing and revising will be perfecting the air, eyes, and all that lovely important stuff.

The references will be putting her in clothes.

Sending it will be sending her off to school.


Even my papers are women!
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(no subject)

Very detailed outline DONE.

Now I have to start writing it.

Beginning it is the scariest part.

Hopefully it'll feel easier and better once I get going (as it always does...).

I'm alive and awake and enjoying spring from inside the confines of my room, writing a paper I should have done ages ago.

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

(no subject)

So I wrote the rough draft and did the works cited page and went to class. Couldn't find my shoes so I wore slippies!

P. Crowley answered my questions and said it was fine if I passed in the paper later today.

Wrote Snoopy a note during a lot of class 'cause it's stuff I can teach myself and it's easy. Watched the movie and grinned like a dork.

Picture people came in and had Jean, Grace, and Crowley pose as if she were teaching them something about the microscope in front of them. And then about a weird like fetal lizard in a jar or something. It was hilarrrrious.

After class I asked her one more question and went outside.

It was so beautiful I stuck around and texted Snoopy and then she called me and I was like, "WTF world end? She's working!" but she was on break and asking me if we could afford to give her friend a ride tomorrow so it wouldn't interfere with clubbing.

Then I just sat outside in the peaceful sun-goodybe time and watched the trees. I sang. Some boys in the top floor kept looking out the window at me, and I would look up and tilt my head and wonder what they were thinking. Then I went back to singing and watching trees and smiling.

After a class let out I walked to the car coincidentally right after Crowley had. I was putting stuff in my car when she pulled out, but then she pulled back around to talk to me. I looked up and smiled.

"You gonna be OK? Don't want to have to worry about you," she said, referring to the fact that I had almost fallen asleep standing up. I smiled wider and told her not to worry, I would be fine. We discussed pregnancy and heat, wished each other well, and she set off. I went home.

Hung around with Mum and Unk. Discussed butch girls and how butch girls keep hitting on me but I'm a ladies girl.

Have done my internet stuff so now I'm going to go do the in-paper citations (AKA replace the numbers I used corresponding with sources into proper citations) edit it and send it off.

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

(no subject)

Emailed it off with a cute, caring email.

So relieved it's over.

Nice to see the list all crossed off.

And now for something completely different--having a life (with still some anxiety over the grade and plagiarism because I'm paranoid).