April 23rd, 2008

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So. Gods. What a day.

I woke up at 6:30 and showered. Drove to Bridgewater. I was organizing the junk in my car when I hear, "Kiwi!" all excited. And I'm thinking, "Dear gods, that's a semi-popular voice, excited to see ME, what the frak, am I in a new dimension?" so I tugged my skirt down (it always rides up) and turns around. There's Amanda, in my face with her mocha and a delightfully I-don't-want-to-frakkin'-be-here smile.

I returned it with a me-frakkin'-neither grin and told her that the location had been changed. We meandered over to where we normally go to try to figure out where we belonged. After asking a student we wandered back to the parking lot. Amanda suggested the Parking Lot Box Guy. As I was walking up he showed us a map through the window and I cracked a smile. I thanked him--"Thank you, you psychic man you," and he told us how to get there then gave me the map. Amanda mentioned that she had thought he was mean. I replied that I had just thought he was alive, and he was a cool guy.

Class was awesome. I had everyone laughing with my group. I asked Pam a few questions about my paper and Spanish in general (exta points + she's neat + I was curious = winwinwinKiwi).

Then I went to Shaya's and we hung out. Love her house and her dogs and her parents. We went for a walk. She heard lots and lots about me and we exchanged. We're very complex people.

Drove to Lisa's with too little air in the tire because the low pressure light didn't come on. Stupid Big Beast Soccer Mom Mobile. SBBSMM. Weird.

Worked at Lisa's until 3, got a call from Snoopy to go pick up Toast at work, picked her up and dropped her off, back to work.

Lisa got us pizza at 6:30-ish and we all ate together. It was great fun.

Before then I had terrible cramps and for a few minutes I just lay in fetal position on the rug. Sharon gave me IBProfin and I was set.

I even went on livejournal a little 'cause I'm evil.

So now I'm home and I think I'll just try to get the paper done through the night and sleep through the day until class or something. Lisa doesn't expect me in tomorrow anyway.

I feel almost too tired to be stressed about this. Whatever. I'll figure this out as I go along.

At least I finally feel like that Avenue Q song.

"Sitting in the computer lab, 4 a.m. before the final paper is due, cursing the world 'cause I didn't start sooner, and seeing the rest of the class there too!" 'cept we don't need computer labs anymore and it's only 10 p.m., not 4 a.m. And I've gathered all the information already so it is started. But details, details! Those are not important right now.

Night night (for you all, hopefully). I hope I get some sleep soon. As long as I do before clubbing Friday night.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Paper To Do List

I just opened this during 11:11 and made a wish. This is good news.

And now on to the to do list.

To Do List:
(It's bold and centered, it must be important right?)

  • Do a draft of my thesis statement/sentence. (Just make some sentence involving Madagascar, lemurs, and your species. Informative.)
  • Flesh out my Skeleton with Ordered Topics into a true Outline, including where information will go.
  • Get a clear order of information and flow.
  • Write rough draft.
  • Change the number-credit system to the name-credit system.
  • Check to keep it in MLA format.
  • Write up the references page.
  • Edit and revise.
  • Touch up with finality.
  • Glare at it thoughtfully and tap chin.
  • Write up cheerful, tired email to Professor Preggy (err...Professor Crowley) including the paper.
  • Smile, clap thrice, squee, look cute, yawn and cover mouth, be tired, maybe take a nap.
  • Be done.
  • Pray.

There we go. I should be able to handle that.

I love how I procrastinated and found the way to make bulleted lists. But I do feel pretty prepared with this paper.