April 22nd, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


So now I have to go to Northampton with Mum and drive home alone.

I saw Snoopy yesterday at work when I bought the trunks with her help and she said she'd call when she got off. I texted her after she said she would get off since I didn't get a call and she texted that she just got off. We had a little conversation and she said she was going to go to sleep early so she'd be awake tomorrow. I told her I'd call at 10 when things were figured out.

I called Mum at 9:55 or something to ask if she knew we were going--if things had worked out at registry. She said she didn't know yet so I called Lisa and Snoopy to say that. Somehow Lisa took that to mean, "Well, I guess you're going then" and I just blinked but whatever, Lisa lives in her own world and it's kinda cute.

Mum called back a bit later and said it had worked, so she would just go to the insurance place in Wrentham and if Snoopy was coming, she could pick her up. I said I'd call and ask if that was what she wanted.

I called and we talked about it. And then she told me she was really tired and had work later I heard out of that, "I don't want to go." So I asked if she would prefer not to go and she said yes. I know my voice was really disappointed, but I really couldn't help it.

Toast isn't working and would have liked to come but promised to go with Jason to hold his hand (haha) as he gets is tattoo done. Which is totally the right thing to do. It's like a Rule of the Cool World that friends go when friends get tattoos, if it's allowed.

The only other person I can think to ask is Arah but she's always really busy and it's late in the game to be asking people to take four hours of their day. Normally I would have asked at least a week in advance, but since I thought Snoopy was going I didn't ask anyone else. Maybe I should keep backups next time.

So now I'm driving home from Northampton alone in a car I've only driven on a slow road once and I've never driven home from Northampton so I'm afraid but hopefully I should be fine. I wonder how capable I am of following my mother on the highway.

So yeah, I'm nervous. Maybe I'll go read some more since I can't fall back asleep.

On the plus side Toast is really getting somewhere with this Liz girl. That is good news.


I need more friends. At least in the area. Why do my friends live, like, everywhere? And not near me? Facebook is so right. I am Most Absentee.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

New Car Excitement

Went to Northampton with Mum. Checked out the Outback. The windshield fluid didn't work and the tires needed pressure. There was a big fire in Noho and there was traffic. On the way there I saw a truck in a parking lot burning, too.

We stayed later since we had no reason to go home. Ate.

Drove home. Didn't like Mum's highway driving but that was fine. I was a cool cucumber.

Drove Toast to work. Got Christine's Da to like me again, even though I did it before. I mean this time we were exchanging puns. Yeah, we are THAT cool.

Worked for Lisa for three hours inputting data for $8 an hour, which yes is lower than minimum wage. Whateverrrr. It was really fun working with Kathy and stuff. Lisa and Sharon are funny. And I let them witness my hairy legs! I feel empowered. Pfft.

Now I'm home and exhausted. Bed, shower in the morning, off to an 8 o'clock class, then off to Shaya's, then to Lisa's to work, then home to write a research paper through the night or whatever. Then maybe sleep 'til 6. Whatever, I don't know haha.

I got 5 winks and an email on true.com. I signed up randomly when it was on myspace, giggle. At least one of the girls was a cute butch but I think she was more Snoopy's type than mine. I wish I had more than just old photos. -Shrug.- Not that I give dating services much chance anyway, eh?

Night night. I'm so beat. But happy!

My new car needs a name.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Tomorrow's class in the TV studio of like Moakley Center on the first floor and I have to find the stairwell or something.


I am so tired and confused.

And I need to find my parking pass. Godsdarnittt.