April 15th, 2008

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Tonight is going to kill me homework-wise.

I have to:

Do my bio homework (two sections in the book).
Do my bio lab (should be pretty easy).
Do my maths homework (hopefully won't take too long).
Outline a Thoreau chapter (it's not long, but geh, requires concentration!).
Write my Spanish paper (one page double spaced, but it has to be in Spanish...and even though I have it done in English, gehhh).
Look into my research paper. Because it's due in a week. Death.


I ran 15 laps around my house (with walking and sitting breaks) and did push-ups and crunches and stretched and I feel physically EXCELLENT.
I can turn to my left now without my neck being wonky and painful!
So that is very nice.

I didn't have to work today. In fact, the boy I tutored has started doing so well that his mother has decided to have us work on a need-only basis. Which is squee! I won't take credit 'cause really all it takes is for the person to catch the motivation--he was a smart chap--but I'm totally pleased! Glad he's doing well. I'm sure he's happy.

I got into UMass Commonwealth College. I got the packet today and Alex K. from church is on the first picture brochure. I laughed so hard.

I haven't updated in forever and a half. Hopefully I'll update again soon!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I finished the bio and maths and just finished the Spanish paper. It was actually kind of fun, even though I had to keep sorting through translations and dictionaries and phrases. I like Spanish... It's so neat to be able to actually read some stuff now!

I'm going to go to sleep and wake up at 5 to do the English outline, then go back to sleep when I finish. I'm glad this paper is out from under foot.