April 8th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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First period was activity period and I had to do my bio homework, so I did it during the meeting.
We aren't doing a Day of Silence during diversity week.
We petitioned to have it for the week after April vacation.
Second period was regular. I got a 102 on my bio exam because I didn't mention that the S-A node sends a signal to the A-V node, even though for A-V node I have, "receives signal from S-A node" but whatever. One point from what I could have had when I had two extra already is not a big deal. I just hope it wasn't the one point that would have brought me up to a 99 for the term. That would be annoying.
Maths we didn't have the test because apparently the other classes bombed it. We went over stuff.
Lunch I sat with Pan. Her parents are crazy.
English we took more notes. I considered not talking in class again.
Then double with Ms. Quince (Chaenomeles) Watsonii. She told us she had to put her 15-year-old dog Holly down on Saturday. I wanted to throw myself up and hug her.
We went out and pruned apple trees. I threw an apple at Watsonii to get back at her for the one she had thrown at me. She laughed.
We came back in and discussed life and dogs.
Laura had to leave because Cookie isn't doing well and she was crying.
Watsonii and I decided I'd go check on her but not try to be too mushy.
Have to remember to have Watsonii sign my Dirr book.
I went up and checked on her. I offered her my hand and said, "I know a hug wouldn't be appropriate, so may I offer my hand?" She shook it and the gratitude and--dare I say it?--love in her eyes was almost overwhelming. But I wouldn't be surprised if she loved me as a person. I'm one of those strange cases people come across. I have written her notes on how great she is once she has put herself down. I'm the first to combat her when she speaks negatively about her, though always in private so she gives me an appreciative smile. She's a beautiful soul.
Interiorscapes was dumb but I worked on the papers.
Read through Garden Design.

Was on the bus with Val and loud people.
Snoopy picked me up with Toast and we went back to S's house.
Drove me to work.
I had fun memorizing poetry and things of that sort.
Target and we splurged. New jeans and a sexy top alongside cheap legwarmers. (Now have blue too! All but rainbow!)
Shaws for money to pay back.
Gas and there was a really attractive black young woman. So yummy.
We fought over her and it was funny.
Home and caught up on life.
Need to do homework and not be completely stressed.
(Not completely stressed? WTF?)

Metric music makes me happy.
Need to drink coke and get this homework done.
Too much to do, always.
Frack me.
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