April 7th, 2008

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I read a book cover to cover today. It was strange. How long has it been since that happened?
It wasn't my favorite. I liked the first one best, I think.

Now I have to ask myself something. It has to be inquired of a future Kiwi, though. I wonder if that's what she'll go by? (It's hard to ditch nicknames even if that's what one wants to do!) I wonder if she knows how to answer or get in touch with me.

Dear (I almost put "deaf," haha, great way to start out) Future Kiwi,

Will you be Disappointed and Cross if I don't put the extra time into scraping up some candid photos to make it into the yearbook? Only today did I discover the true delights of a yearbook--but I fully admit that the "delight" I discovered was looking through old pictures of the staff members! We've had some real cute faculty at the Aggie through the years.

The Yearbook Committee (somehow this amuses me) wants photos from a "diverse body of students" rather than a central core body. AKA they don't want all these boring shots from High and Mighty Popular People. I am a prime example of a non-High and Mighty Popular Person. I am a Low (height and otherwise) and Minor (in their eyes) Unpopular (ditto) Person. Which is fine. I'm that dyke in class who knows all the answers to the questions. I understand that and have since freshman year.

Now, regardless, I repeat my question. Will you, in all your Future Knowledge and Wisdom, frown down upon me for not putting hours into picking through old photos that will certainly bring up unpleasant nostalgic feelings? Not to mention I should be spending the time doing homework and writing research papers and applying for scholarships. (Not that I am doing any of those presently.) If you could guide me through this upcoming week as to your decision, I would be most grateful.

Pardon the sarcastic tone. I don't mean to be caustic. Shall we blame it on good High School Hierarchy? I'm sure you know that always pleases me. A good wave to your friends, dear.

Kiwi (aged 18 yrs., 1 month, 16 days.)

Now I'm going to go toot a few notes on my flute (no innuendo present--I'm honestly yanking out my Nameless Flute from 8th Grade--which needs a name). Then Bio II homework and back to my nervewrecking life.

I hate co-op.

I hate stress.

I have an overabundance of one--can we guess which?

I need to put up a NoHo post at some point. It was really nice seeing Beans, even if she didn't mention it in any of her posts. xP.