April 4th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Last night I studied until around midnight and then went to sleep.
I woke up, got ready, and got in the car.
Going down the street there was a perfectly-placed large rock in the middle of the right side of the road. There was no avoiding it to the right or to the left, since it was on one of the curvy parts where it's too risky.
I coasted over it and gave a mental, "Phew."
I continued driving.
There was another rock in the exact same place in the road, at another curve where it couldn't be avoided. Having coasted over the last one, I aimed to let it crawl under me.
Boom boom out the arse.
Well, that didn't go well.
I called Mum and she told me to keep driving to school. A light came on.
The light meant that the engine oil pressure was low.
I looked out after I had parked and it was leaking oil.
I called Mum.
During school it was towed.
Story continued in a moment.

I took my Spanish exam and it went alright. The TV didn't work at first.
Pam got miffed with us; whatever.
I think I eeked out a C at least.
Then the diagrams Bio quiz. I think I aced it, though I forgot to mention that when the axon end changes the electrical impulses to chemical messages that they're neurotransmitters to go across the synapse--though I remembered the synapse part. Just not to call them neurotransmitters. Dumbdumbdumb.
The pre-calc quiz went fine.
I didn't get the bonus...
But it was so easy! I can't believe I didn't follow through with my intuition.
Of course (n+2)!/(n-1)! is going to be (n+2)(n+1)(n). Gehgehgeh. I shook my fist at myself all day.
Lunch I ate with Makuchan and Mum told me the Volvo had been towed.
English we took notes and Duffie showed us his favorite speaker.
In study I got out the tonsillolith and it was grossness.
Studied my plant ID.
Next period took the Plant ID test.
Got them all right! Watson gave me the bonus. It was all a joke on Abbi.
So I pulled a 105/105, yay!
The Garden Design double I used to do a little work on the project and then write.
Nelsy went out to get Dunkin Donuts for the class.
Mertz joked about Northampton--he loves the town.
Apparently I need to go look at a really big tree. That should be exciting.

After school Mum told me CMace and Dweeb had run over the rock as well!
The same exact thing had happened in the same place.
But Dweeb hadn't moved the rock.
That's fine, though. I wouldn't expect him to know, even with his knowing that I was coming down the road next. I'm sure he was in a hurry too.
Mum moved the rocks with John anyway.
I talked with Snoopy.
Bought my NHS sweatshirt from Quinny, even though I was down a dollar.
It says "Kiwi" on the sleeve, has a picture and Norfolk Aggie National Honor Society on the front on the left part of the chest, and "Does this count as community service?" on the back since everyone is always asking and it's cute. It's black and warm and fuzzy on the inside. It reminds me of my old FBI sweatshirt that I used to love.

So it's going to be at least $500 to fix up the Volvo and that's just for one problem.
We're now wondering if we're going to fix the Volvo or try to buy a cheap car.
We're kinda really screwed in general.
I need a car to have a Coop job.
We don't have much saved for my college.
Stuff is too expensive.
But I am not thinking about it until later because this is my stress-free weekend!

As soon as Snoopy comes on over we'll hopefully be off.
I'll check to see that the directions work for her.
I'm listening to Voltaire and it makes me happy.