March 31st, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I pushed my alarm off 10 minutes today.
Drove into school and was exhausted.
Mrs. Cav was in the room even though it was a blue day and it was supposed to be Quinny.
I printed stuff out and we joked.
When Tiff came in I said, "I'm so tired!"
She apparently said, "Who, you?" but me and Mrs. Cav heard, "Who are you?"
I thought it was a strange question so I answered oddly, "I'm Kiwi..."
They joked about it forever.
I scrambled to study more science.
The TV didn't work.
There was much rejoicing.
Exam postponed to Friday.
There was much rejoicing.
The bio test was easy.
There was much rejoicing.
Mrs. Coop treated me like a human and smiled when I went up and was interested in the topic.
I rejoiced.
Maths I didn't pay attention but that's OK.
Realized I didn't have a pleasure reading book (gasp)!
Ran up to the library and took out a random book on short stores by authors that have some point been censured.
It entranced Mrs. Steele as I ate lunch.

English there was talking and amusement and Duffie is a perverse little old man.
Study I did maths homework and freshmen had to chase birds out of the batting cage.
Platmat I got my binder with no grade and Watsonii ragged on me for being a little late, but whatever.
Garden design we have a really stupid project.

Got to leave late.
Hung out in the center of Wrentham reading and waited for Snoopy to get out of school.
Went to the vet with her.
Her house.
Errand to put in work check.
Her house for "Homework" AKA a movie.
Then real homework.
Finished outline.
More hanging out.

Time to shower, type up outline, do some more work for school, and maybe read a little.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

(no subject)

I haven't done any kissing in more than two years.
This is deeply disheartening.
And reasonably pathetic.
I am giving a pouty face.
I think that is to be fully expected.

I needs to find someone who captivatessss me!