March 30th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Today was the senior youth service!

Let's see.
Friday night we had the service practice and everything was hectic.
Gar and I screamed a lot.
We went home and the Ruben's were over having dinner.
I crashed at Gar's house and it was just so perfect.
Jonathon is great fun, her dogs are fabulous, and her family is fantabulous.
Her mother came in and abducted Gar's bed in the morning.
Eventually the whole family was in there and we were just sitting around together.
It was so perfect I almost cry at the thought.
Then there was almost spontaneous crying at the parting, but mainly by how stressed I was.
I had agreed to go help Pan study at 3.
I went home and showered.
Went to Pan's house and studied bio by making study guides.
Left my tests with her.
Worked on the senior youth stuff.
Went home, worked on more stuff.
Wrote up stuff.
Got the songs together.
There was a computer and printing breakdown.
My parents sent me to bed and promised to get stuff on the iPod and things printed out.
I obeyed.

It was done in the morning.
Dweeb woke me up at 7 accidentally, thinking it was 8.
We went in with my loads of stuff.
Everything was hectic as we organized in the morning.
Snoopy came!

The first skit was terribly unorganized.
They forgot the audience was, like, to their side...
So I danced over and tried to get us looking the right way.
There was a mixup and Kyle went up for the Opening Words before Dweeb did the Cautionary Words, but it was OK because the Cautionary Words weren't in the order of service.
There was confusion and everyone asked me questions but I think I worked them all out.
We sang like two songs in a row.
I got the kids to come up on stage. I sang loud, for the first time like ever.
Steph said, "We look like fools."
I whispered, "Then loosen up! We're moving, we're moving" and I got her to laugh.
I tried to get us less stiff. It worked eventually.
I almost cried singing "Where Have All the Flowers Gone."
I went up and lit a candle to say how stressed I was but how happy I was to be there and that it was happening and that everyone was there.
I gathered Arahso she came up with the youth with us. Tried to get her to join in the Critical Mess skit but she was afraid, so that was alright.
The Children's story went well. They didn't instruments to play with, but that was alright.
Carol winked at me.
Duncan and Priscilla smiled at me a lot.
Mum cried.
The meditation went over pretty well even though it was long.
The sermonettes held out.
The music messed up during the "Judging/Stereotypes" skit but everything went well anyway.
The readings were well-done.

My interpretive danging to Gar's sermonette was a big hit, apparently.
It was loads of fun.
The Critical Mess skit was a blast and the congregation got a kick out of the narration/action combo. Gar wrote it brilliantly and beautifully.
We sang the adults out with "Go Now in Peace."
People came up and talked.
Snoopy was included as if she had been a part of it and it was nice. =).
Priscilla put her arm around Snoopy.
Snoopy now knows Priscilla is the author of that book I was reading at her house for a while, giggle.
Duncan was great fun as the Grandfather. Claire was a brilliant Adult for the Chalice Lighting.

Pictures are online now but I can't yet save them on my computer.
I'll try to make an entry once they're all up.
I had three different outfits and four different hairstyles! Impressive, haha.

So fun!

Went to a garage sale on the way to Snoopy's.
Picked her up a little kid Elmo chair, grabbed myself a purse and a raincoat. They gave me the raincoat free.
Snoopy was shocked by her gift.
She told me, "You're so weird!"
I wonder what her life would be like if she had a normal best friend.
I'd imagine it would be terribly tame.
We picked up Toast and dropped her at home.
Gave Broadway his medication.
Drove home.

Dinner at Outback.
Dweeb drove on the highway for the first time.
Now home and I'm still exhausted.

I was told I had a future in comedy and drama.
Also told I have a "rubber face" with my facial expression.
Loved interpretive dance.

Had to do loads of improv to keep things from being awkward.
It all worked out.
We're all relieved!
I think we should throw a senior youth party in which nothing has to get done.
I think we deserve it.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

(no subject)

I hate that my voice always sounds so young.
Don't make fun of me. =P.
And don't take that for my usual voice.
I get so nervous with recordings!
I giggle at how much my voice trembles.
Knew I shouldn't have let Mum introduce me to Joan Baez.
Wish I could play the guitar!
Then it wouldn't all be so awkward.
And I wish I weren't always getting over a cold when I record.
Why do I do that?
Wish I could keep better breath/use my diaphragm when getting over colds / when so nervous.

Oh well. Considering that I don't plan to ever do any singing, all is good.
I still want to jam some time with Erin.

I'm tired and dead and cold.
I have studying and work to do.
I should get off and do it.