March 10th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Woke up at the insane hour of 8 after four little hours of sleep after too much reading.
Showered, got ready.
Picked up Toast and brought her to work. Agreed to pick her up at 4.
Drove home. Hung around with the family.
Drove to church and prepared for the field trip by dancing around.
Was in the car with Cal, Dweeb, and Em on the way to the Hindu Temple.
I played POKeMON.
Got to the temple and it was great. Indian women are scrumptious.
(Yes, fortunately or unfortunately I am gay enough to check out women/girls even in temples.)
I did pay attention though.
Even got to be at one of the shrines when there was a service.
Got to take in some of the smoke and holy water, and had the crown placed for a second on my head.
Listened more to the passionate Indian man who spoke to us about consciousness and energy.

Hung around for a while at home.
Around 3 went to the mall to look for pseudo combat boots.
Didn't find any, went to pick up Toast.
Saw her scolded by Holly, whom I used to be friends with in 7th grade until I realized she wasn't nice.
Toast gave me a medium chai tea instead of a large chai tea with hash browns, but I forgave her because she was nervous and I'm sure she was just distracted because she knew me. All was well anyway.
She told us she actually had to be picked up at 5.
Mum and I went back to Hot Topic and inquired about boots.
Had a whole conversation and decided the best bet was to get 14 eye Doc Martens.
Mum and I looked around the store.
She found this incredibly short pleather dress that zipped up the front and didn't leave much to the imagination and put it back. I didn't know she had done it, took it out and said, "Mum, look at this."
We both saw that it was on sale. Giggled. Mum said, "Go try it on!" I blanched but obeyed. I tried it on and stepped out.
Mum informed me, "I'm getting you that." I thanked her profusely and we went to talk (flirt) with the workers.
Went to journeys and they didn't quite have them--only had them in red. I want black.

Picked up Toast and drove us home. Hung out for a while.
Had to go to senior youth so I dropped her off.
Senior youth was wicked productive!
We practically planned the entire service in one senior youth meeting. Whoa.
Had fun with Gar.
Came home and have been online.
Watched Harold and Maude.
Am in the sexy black "dress" with legwarmers with my hair down.
I feel good.

Tomorrow will be stressful with a Bio II test but who cares?
So I'll study up some now with the study guide I already made and then I'm off to sleep.
It feels like 11 anyway, but it's 12. Whatever.
I'm going to be tired tomorrow.
I have a double study 5th and 6th so I'll either sleep then or do my homework so I don't have any to do tomorrow night.
Snoopy has a half day so maybe she'll end up not doing anything impressive and we can all get together and watch, like, bring it on.

Had a wonderful RP with Ferenelsee.
If I were Nalocia Sarinoe the Margay on Furcadia, I would fall for her too.
She pretended to be a cowboy.
I pretended to be a wench.
People would think they were constantly shacking up.
I think it's funny that in the process of a RL year, they've pretty much kissed less than 10 times.
What a slow courtship!
But it's fun for both of us to flex our writing muscles.