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Kiwi Crocus
08 March 2008 @ 11:34 pm
I woke up and was not pleased to go to school.
I took my Spanish exam and knew I got one of the oral questions wrong, at least. Also second guessed myself and got a culture question wrong. Hopefully will still pull an A. Didn't study that much.
Second we finished one of the viewer labs. Test Monday. Not so excited.
Pre-Calc we had a sub. I chatted and then did my work. The sub was a pushover, unfortunately. But she will be reporting back to Quinn. I smell a lecture. And Quinn isn't going to the Flower Show anymore. Pout.
Lunch I sat with Pan. I ate. It was exciting.
Am. Lit. we watched more of the movie. Duffie asked me if I would help Cat get her English work under control. I said of course and he thanked me heartily.
Study I spoke with some people and studied my plants a little bit.
Plant materials I got a 100 on my Plant ID quiz and we joked about plants. I realize that's going to be one of the only things I'm going to miss about leaving the Aggie--sitting around and joking about trees. It's wonderful and people know what we're talking about even though it's strange.
We had to go outside in Garden Design and I swore a lot because I hate that class. It's just like landscaping. Even Acer doesn't like it. Then I slept.

Drove home and hung out with Snoopy and Toast. They drew on my stomach.
Mum came home and was really weird with me.
Xandor hung out with us like the whole time and I need to express to him that though I love him and he's a killer friend, I do like some just Kiwi time with friends while we're at my house. Sometimes he can just be really annoying and not know when to leave.
We drove Toast home so she could hang out with Willis.
Snoopy and I went on a field trip. We went to Shaws and I cashed one of my checks.
We went to TJMaxx and didn't find much stuff we liked.
We went to Bobs and decided we would like Target better.
We went to Target and had a ball.
I bought a zipup hoodie that is warm and earth-colored for $6, a wonderful T-shirt for $3, a long sleeved brown shirt for $3, amazing black leg-warmers for $4, and a fabulous "Think Globally Act Locally" tight green tunic shirt for $4. All in all it was quite amazing.
We went to Papa Ginos and met her friend Ashley. We made Ashley try out sickmadNASTY drinks. Mine was mint soda and hers was cranberry-lime. It was so funny.
We went home and hung out downstairs for a little while.
She left 'cause she had work the next day.

Mum came in and tried to wake me up to go out to breakfast. I pretended to be deeply sleeping, then fell back asleep.
I woke up at noon and stumbled around.
Our 'net was down so I started reading through and organizing all of my writing. I got pretty far.
Snoopy texted me and told me she got let off work early. I told her to come over any time.
She came over and we hung out and watched Empire Records. Dweeb (Xander) joined us.
He wanted to go to GameStop.
Eventually we went and I decided I wanted to go to Emerald Square because I wanted some stuff. I was half expecting Toast to call at some point since she had mentioned we should all get together.
I drove to Emerald Square in the pouring rain.
On our way to Spencers we ran into Rawley, Kat, and some Matt kid. It was wicked awkward because Kat had called Snoopy asking if they could hang out and talk about stuff but Snoopy hadn't picked up and hadn't called back. Rawley mentioned how awkward it was. I wanted to get the tension away from Snoopy and Kat, so I walked up and said, "I'm going to see if I can make this less awkward" and shook Rawley and Kat's hands at the same time, then Matt's with both hands. I knew it wouldn't make things entirely less awkward but it worked as much as I had hoped. We waved each other off.
At Spencer's I got the rainbow studded belt I've wanted forever and the rainbow studded chain wallet I've thought about buying forever. I also bought a real vibrator since I've been thinking about it for a good four to five years.
We went to CVS and GameStop. GameStop was out of the game Dweeb wanted. Both of them were.
We stopped at FYE to look through used movies. Xtine showed up looking for Rawley and she rambled on about something. She came back once more after that too. Then Elizabeth from church showed up with Twinny, screamed "Kiwi!" and tackled me with a strange side hug. Told me she was shopping for her prom dress since she was going to prom with Brandon. We parted ways.
Went up to the food court and scrounged for two King Size fries. We enjoyed eating. Snoopy tried to play the capture-a-stuffed-animal-game. She lost. It was entertaining.
Toast had called us and told us she was in Lincoln. We told her to meet us at my house later.
We found out on the way home that she and Bailey were already there.
I arrived home to them.
We hung out and watched SLC Punk and did stuff like that.

I realized that all day I've pretty much painted my nails and organized my writing.
Well, plus spent money.
Not a very productive day.
Hoping that tomorrow I'll nap after our church trip and then try some productive things.
Maybe I'll do my homework now to get it out of the way.
Driving Toast to work tomorrow for 9 a.m. so I'll be there at 8:45. Not much sleep anyway.

Dunno. Life is good though.
Ended up seeing lots of Mrs. Cav stuff on my computer and I admit it made me smile even though my heart hurt a little bit.
She smiled at me when I passed in my test.
I do think we have hope for the future.