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Kiwi Crocus
06 March 2008 @ 10:44 pm
I woke up at almost 7:05 to my brother saying he had started the car. The one day he starts the car is the day that I'm sleeping way too late. Grand.
Drove to school. Got my stuff from Coop.
Study I worked on Bio and stuff.
Bio I did the viewer lab.
Pre-Calc I took the quiz and got a 100.
Lunch I gave check and ate a lot.
Am. Lit. drew a picture while we went over vocab. and then watched the movie.
Plant materials I sprayed and stuff. Realized everything is screwed because the pre-typed paper system doesn't work for me. Quiz tomorrow, blech.
Study I finished my science worksheet and did more Spanish studying.
Double interiorscapes Brods wasn't there so I slept.
Brought the wrong book to my locker and had to go back to my car to get the proper one.

Drove home and did my science home. Whoa, being productive! It was fantab.
Listened to Jack's Mannequin 'cause I found the CD Snoopy burned me.
Read through another chapter of Providential Horn.
Went to Bio and had an AMAZING time. We did a flower lab and my group was so wonderful. We joked through the whole thing and were the last ones to leave, but I know we did it well. Just fantabulous.
Hung a little with Unk. Ate food.
Up here and wasn't productive. Online and furc.
Now time for shower and studying some more Spanish.
Not going to study my head off this time because it's dumb. Going to get some sleep.
Regular time, probably. Midnight.

Toast called during class so I asked Snoopy why she called haha.
I'm going to be so happy when 2:30 comes tomorrow.
Oh. I have my Organismal Bio take home test. Impressive.
Should start on my research paper some time soon.

What am I doing over the weekend?