February 24th, 2008

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So I had a wonderful birthday. Thursday night, after my exam, I picked up Toast and we watched the first Resident Evil movie. Alice is hot. Then we went to Snoopy's house. When we were downstairs making food and it was 11:59, Snoopy said, "Guys, don't let it turn to twelve!" So I sat in front of the microwave with bent knees and looking as though I was praying, telling the clock not to turn.

She fell down the stairs with a candle in her stairs and made it to the kitchen. She informed us that we could let the clock turn now. It didn't--well, the oven did, but not the stubborn microwave. So Snoopy and Toast started singing with the candle. The clock turned halfway through and I blew out the candle.

We watched the second Resident Evil movie (Apocalypse) and Snoopy and I decided the the cop chick was WICKED ATTRACTIVE. We slept at some point. Woke up and it was my birthday, and I had decided to skip Spanish. (Yes, I was convinced to skip a class that doesn't even matter. +Gasp,+ right?)

Snoopy went off to meet Kat and I was WTFing because I didn't know what was happening that day because Mum said that no one in her right mind would come with a New England storm heading our way and already half there. But apparently she was wrong, because Sapph called and said she was basically at my house.

I ran over and she had brought amazing stuff. We hung around and I showed her the amazingly strange stuff I keep on my computer. Mum was apparently doubly wrong, because Cathy showed up as well! So I get to stay with her a night in Northhampton some time with a friend and spend $36 at Pride & Joy, apparently a place famous to the locals there. Snoopy and Toast arrived.

We hung around and (I think) had a great amount of fun. Played Rock Band. Cleaned off the driveway and had a snowball fight. Watched the third Resident Evil movie. Had sundaes that Sapph provided. Sapph had to leave so I hugged her off and Snoopy was quick to follow. Amanda and I went up to my room and talked for hours and hours. Until, like, four-something in the morning. We fell asleep and slept until 4-something in the evening the next day! People even came into the room to do stuff.

We woke up and hung around with my brother. Eventually Snoopy got off work and couldn't find fake glasses for me and came over. I took a shower. We all got ready for the evening. I put on makeup and everything. Decided on my "Happy Valley" shorter spaghetti strap to apparently show off my thong straps (not incredibly, I promise) which Snoopy and Toast often snapped. It was giggly.

We drove to Club Gallery pretty easily. Got in with no trouble. I loved the live music! We picked a seat and all the older lesbians kept smiling at us in a, "Awwr, they're the next generation, how adorable!" and most of them seemed to really like my spunk because they smiled at me a lot. Some songs the older lesbians would get up and dance. I really wanted to, but Snoopy and Toast didn't want to. At last I gave up on them and went to dance up there by myself. Toast and Snoopy soon followed! I think more people joined after I did, too. It was cute. I had a ball of it.

When I was walking toward the singer a really attractive older woman told me, "I like your shirt." When I went to walk by her she half-hugged me in a non-perverse and more fun way and whispered, "And with that I mean that is one happy valley" or something of the sort. I fervently wished that I had been in my 20's or 30's rather than 18. Still, it was one of the best moments of my life. I thanked the singer for creating such a wonderful first night out. I was basically swooning when we went out to the club area.

We danced around a lot. A drunken lesbian kept dancing with Snoopy and kissing her in strange places and saying very non-witty things repetitively. So I don't know why, but I started dancing with her to get her off Snoopy a big. I didn't even mind that she then put her arms all over me. It just...wasn't important? I mean, it's not as though I don't value my body, it's just...It's special to me when something special is happening. Like when a really attractive older woman compliments my chest.

We took breaks from time to time. During one of the breaks a group of older lesbians that had been dancing during the live music part (one of the two I had told were really cool for dancing up front, actually) checked in on us and it was cute. We went back in and avoided the drunken girl. I started going off on my own 'cause I was a little bored of just dancing with Snoopy and Toast the whole time, since I could pretty much do that any time. But I kept my eyes on them so I knew what was going on.

I got a drink of Sprite (which I finished wicked quickly) and was then sitting there sucking the ice when one of the Shanes of the club came up and started dancing with me. So we had a wicked time dancing and then she thanked me for dancing with her. I felt very special since she had come all the way over only to dance with me when she was normally dancing with like every girl at the same time.

At one point I was dancing past a reasonably intoxicated guy and girl. I danced with them. He put his hands down the back of my skirt but somehow I still didn't even mind it that much. It was the end of the song, we gave a little nod, and I went off again. I didn't get the danger feeling. Just seemed like some harmless consenting fun. I would have left and stayed in the safety of the outside room if I had felt threatened.

Then I went out for a break with Snoopy and Toast and saw the most attractive girl I had ever seen in my entire life. And she was wearing one of the pink bands on her right arm that meant she was under 21. And when she was offered a drink of alcohol by a friend, she respectively declined. She had a face like Dana from the L Word, hair like the most lovely hippie chick, and jewelry that could collect even the smallest light. Her smile left me pretty weak in the knees. And she did smile at me when she saw I kept looking at her.

I just sat there swooning about her to Snoopy and Toast for a while. Toast agreed and thought she was wicked attractive. When I saw Attractive Girl putting on her coat and sitting back down, I decided I at least wanted to let her know that I thought she was one of the most unbelievably attractive people I had ever seen.

So I...uh...went up, smiled at her, leaned on the chair, and said, "Hi, I saw that you put on your jacked so you're probably about to leave. For a self-esteem boost or whatever, I thought I would tell you that you so pretty it is somewhat unbelievable." She smiled really wide and looked flustered and I smiled back. She thanked me, I looked down and up with a bigger smile, and walked off with a thumbs up.

Toast then informed me that "you've got balls, girl!" So there. Apparently I do.

Things I loved:
Getting hit on by an amazingly attractive older woman.
Having a Shane come up to dance with me especially.
Seeing the most attractive girl I have ever seen in my life and telling her so.

Today was a very tired day and tomorrow I have school, but I don't want school! Oh well.

Night night!
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