February 21st, 2008

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There is no way I will ever get an A on this exam. I'm hoping I'll at least pass.

This is insane. I should have spent more time studying and less time fooling around the last couple of days.

I'm so scared. I have to keep myself from crying every minute. There's just too much stuff. Microbiology is going to kill me. Hopefully I'll do well with the short answers and the essays. The taxonomy key I should be fine with. It's the true-or-false questions that will be a mystery. I hope they're not obscenely detailed looking for scientific names and lots of stuff no one in her right mind could memorize.

Now, back to creating my answers for the short answer and essays.

Right now, I so hate my life. Tomorrow better be ten times better.
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6 hours of studying today.

I think I'm really prepared for the short answer and essay questions, plus the taxonomic key and that stuff. All else will be a mystery. But yes, if it's on microbiology, I'm going to want to stab it with my pencil unfortunately.

Now I'm going to get dressed so I feel good outside and in and I'm going to go through my study sheets (which took me FOREVER) again.

Sigh. Tests suck the big one.

I hope I get home in a reasonable time and can do my Spanish work and even, like, take some time to breathe...

I wish Prof. Crowley would be there today. That would make some stuff better. But her husband is proctoring the test for her.

Oh well. As long as she knows I tried. At least I know how to change my study methods to study for the next one.
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My exam went alright. I didn't know what I knew I didn't know and I knew what I knew I knew. (Yes, read it again, that is a wonderful sentence.) It appears that Prof. Crowley doesn't like microbiology much either--there wasn't a huge amount on there. There were a few questions that I had to guess on and they were multiple choice. True or false questions screw with my head. I answered the two extra short answer questions.

Turns out it was timed to two hours, so I was worried for a minute but then I realized I only needed to do one essay. I hurried through that and should be fine.

I was panicking before the test. Cute Straight Girl (Grace) smiled encouragingly at me. The Two Motherly Women whispered kindly about me and one lent me a pencil when I realized I had completely forgotten one, because I do dumb things like that sometimes.

So I have studied/done biology for 9 hours today and I've only been awake for 11. That's pretty impressive, I think. I'm relieved to not have to think about it for a while.

Amanda's over and we were going to watch Resident Evil but Xandor came in and really wanted to play DDR, so we brought it into my room and Amanda and Xandor are playing it. We're thinking of calling Snoopy when she gets off work. Dunno if she'll want to hang out or whatever after work. We don't even know where the two of us are sleeping.

Tomorrow a storm is coming in around 1, apparently. So that may put a damper on some plans. May have to go clubbing on Saturday, which is fine because the Gallery I guess has their lesbian night on Saturdays. It just won't be my first night of 18. Again, fine.

Hope people can still make it for a while. Canceled my therapy appointment to have my full birthday, 'cept for Spanish. Hoping Sapph and Cathy can still visit.

Wondering if I should invite people over to be stuck in the house with me through the storm. But then, who is there to invite? Amanda and Snoopy. Possibly Dana. Robin from junior high? Who else would even want to come? I'm not sure.

So there. That was my day. Three entries for the amount of time I didn't post. At least I look good today.