February 20th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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- Cleaned most of room.
- Moved everything around so I love it.
- Wrote thank you letter to grandparents.
- Made Spanish wonderful.
- Had loads of fun with friends.
- Did some talking and thinking.
- Watched a second of the eclipse.
- Drank way too much green apple Jones soda.
- Got an idea for what university life may be like with no accommodations.

Not accomplished:

- Emailing Keele University, they're going to hate me forever. Seriously. It's been months and I'm a really evil person with no integrity. =[. This makes me frown.
- Studying enough for my bio exam. That will continue. Doing the rest of the review vocab. extra credit tonight, going to sleep, and waking up in 8 hours to commence studying again.
- Cleaning the bathroom. Didn't have to do this, but I want to.
- Cleaning up the kitchen more. Dish washer (I tried, but it was acting up), sink, etc.
- Done my laundry.
- Cemented birthday plans.

So I have some stuff today. I'm going to continue being stressed out of my mind until the bio exam is over (it's going to kill me, I'm trying to get the thought that I'm going to fail out of my mind, and yes thank you I KNOW I'm crazy). Then I'll be able to go to sleep relieved and wake up to my birthday!

Birthday plans thus far:

- Spanish @ 8. (Prof. Hayes-Bohanan/Pam knows it's my birthday, giggle.)
- Home and sleeping.
- Sapph over from some time to some time. (We all love ambiguous plans--no really, we do!)
- Cathy over for some very short time.
- Out to dinner with people, maybe?
- Hopefully clubbing for the first time in my life.

I have so much to look forward to. I wish exams weren't such an anxiety-ridden bummer for me. Test anxiety, you stink like a diseased cat's litter. =(.

Now that I'm not freaking out and crying anymore like before my shower, I'm going to go back to doing vocab.