January 28th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Church was nice. Duncan and Priscilla came in and talked to us. It was fun.

Afterward Priscilla was very happy to find that I am reading her book, since she caught me.

I don't really know what I did after church before Senior Youth. Mainly talked to Dana and cleaned and stuff.

Senior Youth was less annoying and was actually somewhat fun. Gar was sick and tired though. I made people laugh. It was good.

Today I woke up and drove to Bridgewater. I only needed help once. Class was nice. I made Pam laugh a lot. I stuck around with Brit, Frapp, and Amad afterward. Brit led me to the highway. I drove home without trouble.

I was online and cleaning. It turned out that Mum had the wrong time for my Bio course and that it's Thursday 6-10, not Monday, and started last week. But that they didn't really do anything last week. Mum ordered the text book so I could pick it up.

Went to the dentist and met Xandor there. I couldn't get my teeth cleaned because I stupidly forgot to take my old-person medication that I need to take an hour before cleaning because of my hip replacement.

We went and picked up my text book at Dean. Then we went to Taco Bell. I saw an old teacher from elementary school. She was very, very hot. Nummy.

Home for more cleaning--all my clothing is organized and I have loads of stuff to get rid of now. And my door is decorated. Watched the L Word. Picked up Da.

Now I'm off to read, start taking notes on my text book in advance, and study a bit. Then sleep.

I want someone to snuggle with.

(And I want to find my assignment notebook.)