January 27th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Last week I organized a small prank on Mr. Lee and it was swift. I did a greenhouse project the way lots of regular people do for Brods--I finished it during the double on the day it was due. I didn't even have a table of contents. It was liberating.

There was much smiling and such all around during last week. Stuff happened that I will hopefully remember but won't struggle to write down now.

Reading University contacted Ms. Watson and told her that they wanted to give me an offer because I'm a clever girl, but they were wondering why I hadn't taken AP courses. She responded that we were a small school under 500 people and didn't have the budget for it, but that if we had them I would excel. They asked for the biology experience I have had during high school and she sent the courses alongside the college stuff I've been taking this year. These things are good. They're interested in me.

I got a conditional offer from University of East Anglia as well (yay). I later found out the conditions. They merely want: 3.5 GPA when I get my diploma, A average for the year in Bio II, and I only have to PASS the biology course I start on Monday. I already pretty much have two out of three of those in the bag, and I've never had below a C+ in any course I have taken in my entire life. So I'm thinking that pretty much means I'm in.

Still haven't sent Keele my qualifications. We're working on organizing stuff.

I've been very miffed with my parent's bickering over college stuff. But I've become very miffed when it comes to college and my mother at all. I'm a bit fed up, to be honest. But these things pass.

Today I was domestic. Xandor woke me up to tell me that there was a giant dog downstairs. I informed him that I lacked clothing. He instructed me to don a robe, so then I was quick to stumble down the stairs. There was indeed a giant dog in our living room. I played around with him for a while while the two-leggers talked. Showered. Hung around. Began doing laundry. Played games with Xandor and Ben for hours--Rock Band for XBox or whatever. I was good on vocal. But I can play any of them on Medium level, which is an achievement since I hadn't played two of them before.

Now I'm ready to go to sleep. I'll be tired for church tomorrow. What's new? I'm nocturnal. I've finally read some of the fics and fiction on my To Read mem. list. They were brilliant.

Going off to read some more of Priscilla's book (which I am TOTALLY into) and sleep. (It's weird accidentally flipping to the back of the book, seeing her picture, and being like, "Ohhh, what's she doing there?" and then realizing that she wrote it.) She goes to my church.

Tired Kiwi, out.