January 21st, 2008

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Rowe reunion was fun. We drove up there in good time and I ate a meal with Miriam. I was really pleased to see her. Other people flittered around and such.

We went up to the rec and I sat on the heater, which was grand and warm. Did my written homework while everyone was hanging out. Smiled and chatted and stuff. Read. Studied. I was really productive while I was around everyone.

We did a little introduction and stuff. More hanging out. I fell asleep three times. Once Amira came and fell on me, so I woke up laughing. I got the impression that everyone was really tired.

Dinner was fabuloussss. I ate with Miriam again and listened to the conversation. The food was just wonderful. Joked with Marc and Iesha and others about being a UU Jew Jew (to which I always have to add 'bean'). Like, being a penny pincher and food-pusher 'Jew' (lovingly used), also being AUTHENTICALLY Jewish, and then being Unitarian Universalist on top of that. We had fun.

Went back to the Rec hall. Eventually checked in. Lee cabin only had three campers and Grace as staff. We had a nice time checking in. I talked too much.

I was feeling sort of out of it after that. Everyone had their groups and that was fun. I really missed being physical. I looked around and saw how everyone could cuddle with everyone, but few people touched me. And I wondered if I gave off a 'don't touch' vibe the way I used to. Or if it was the fact that I'm still uncomfortable reaching out and physically being with others, even though I'm working on it.

More studying and hanging around in sleeping bags. Hannah called me over to help her start a game of Wink. Lulu pitched in. We started up a game of Wink. I told everyone that I knew someone would pull my pants down. First round, I was on offense and the question applied to me so I shot off. My defenser didn't catch me but Woody, another on offense, accidentally grabbed my leg. Down went my pants, to show a nice white moon and not much else since I was wearing a thong. I kept crawling to 'God' and pulled up my pants on the way, kissing her cheek and sitting down behind her ready to play defense. Wonderful moments.

Amira gave me another pair of pants to play in. I had a wonderful time. I was worried that I was too fierce and Zoey said, "No no, you're gentle but strong." So I felt better.

After Wink I did some more studying and let myself sleep for a while, moving around from time to time. Slept for 7 hours apparently. So I got work done and was social AND slept! Very nice. Goodbyes the next day were a little sad and I cried some.

It was a good evening, though. Got a ride home with Zoey (other Zoey) and her parents and Jesse. It wasn't entirely enjoyable, but it was alright. When I got to Mum we bought soup and stuff. I wouldn't mind living in Northampton for a time.

Then we hung out with Cathy and Laura. I had a really fantastic time. Mum showed them my novel, though. Blush. We talked. Jasper was neat. I ate. They had more guests over, we left. Drove home.

Haven't been as productive as I should have been. Slept in today. Still studied, watched the Simpson's movie with the fam. while studying, finished the Parkman project, and did some major work on my calendar for greenhouse. I'll have to look at the rest of it and do it tomorrow.

It's going to be a stressful week. Geh.