January 16th, 2008

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Gehhh. So my computer hasn't been working for ages and I got it into my head to wipe it clean. Copied the junk I wanted to Da's computer and Da finally wiped it yesterday. Now I have a working computer and almost all my stuff is done copying back!

Friday Dana slept over and we went to Snoopy's and watched Mirror Mask. I said when it was over, "They finally made a movie in my head!" even though it was my second time seeing it.

Saturday I went to Coffee House and saw that sub from school that no one likes but I don't mind. And we kinda trash-talked school a bit, because there's so much wrong with the Aggie even though I still love parts about it. And we worshiped Ms. Watson.

Sunday I had church and then hung around with Dweeb and went to Senior Youth. I've been playing POKeMON all the time. Senior youth made me really, really angry because people were so loud and obnoxious and I kinda got lightheaded with how peeved I was. That hasn't happened in forever. It scared me.

Monday we had a snow day (found out Sunday night) and we lost power. Played a dumb history game thing.

Yesterday school was alright and work was crummy because the girl came in with no work.

Today was dogshow so there was no one around. Study I don't even know what I did. It was like 3 people. Bio we had a study so I wrote up my Thin Strings post. Pre-Calc Mrs. Cav was in doing physics and there was like no one there so we just chatted. And Mrs. Quinn played solitaire and life was funny. Lunch I ate alone. Stopped in to clarify something with Mrs. Cav (who pointed out to Mrs. Quinn that she would never forget my birthday--we were talking about birthdays--and Mrs. Quinn asked if we had the same birthday, and Mrs. Cav said yes. I mentioned that Mrs. Cav was born way earlier--and I meant 4 a.m. She joked about my calling her old.) Then I felt gross about doing that and went to AmLit, where we got the vocab. and talked about movies and junk.

Lindsay apparently stuck her head in a snow-laden bush many times and it was all around school immediately. Business management was so stupid. We have an open-book test on basically stuff we have never covered and it's dumb. Park management, before that, we worked on the stupid project and I died of heat in the library. Double crops made me want to cry because it's all so completely ridiculous and hard for no reason, because she never even graded/looked at my last project.

Therapy was alright. Sherri gave me a "project" to do for the end of January. I have to create a door that on one side has all the stuff that made me who I am and what I'm leaving behind, the inside somehow be what I'm taking with me, possibly, and the outside be fears and anxieties and predictions about the future. So I have an art project. WTF. But I get to do it however I want. She barely has guidelines. But gehhhh. Art is not my thing. She knows I can take us around in circle with words, though...I'm good with them. Art makes me more direct. Sigh. If only my therapist didn't know me! But we were witty and it was good.

I didn't do enough tonight. I'm going to have to knock a few things of my TDL, I think. And I'm stressed but I guess that's OK. I'm glad I don't have school Monday and no work tomorrow. Free day tomorrow to do stuff like stupid projects for dumb teachers.

Geh. I'm a cranky mess!