January 10th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I liked hanging out with Dana. Mrs. Cav caught me sitting in the sun and mentioned it. First period smelled bad because someone puked in a bucket last night and it was there all night. They found it and cleared it out. People sprayed stuff. I got a headache 'cause I'm allergic. Mrs. Cooper gave me the evaluation. Mrs. Quinn went over the math with me for the quiz. I ran to guidance and gave them the stuff, so I'm pretty much done applying for college except for the "additional information" of the common app. Then I hung around in study and Mrs. Quinn was really stunning so I basically just conversed with her.

Second period we worked on the stupid booklet and I got no where. Third period we ended up going over the math loads 'cause other people didn't get it. I was really interested. We took the quiz and I asked questions because some of the numbers were obscene but apparently correct. I said, "I need to remember not to think about real-life situations on math quizzes" and Joe said something mean about just doing my math. So I flipped him the birdie because he's a frackin' prick. Then I chatted with Mrs. Quinn and Bobby about his going to college and how well he did on the SATs and how he never panics on tests. And Mrs. Quinn mentioned that she has voices that tell her to 'pay attention' and 'where's the main point?' when she's reading and it annoys her. We smiled.

Lunch I went to the library and printed stuff out. Read.

Fourth we went over vocab and listened to Mr. Dufault ramble.

Fifth Mr. Lee put on a movie about the Grand Canyon, I mistook a Native American celebration as Gay Pride because there was so much rainbow, and I fell asleep 8 times. Business Management we did a very stupid paper and I checked Gaia. Greenhouse crops we messed around and Dana wrote a gaia post and I read and wrote a To Do List and the sub thought we were insane. Because we are.

Put my stuff in the passenger side, got up on the roof, read until 2:45, drove off. I do it the same way every day now. It's like clockwork. I liked having a day with Dana. She's going to try not to ignore me now when Lindsay's around, but I doubt it'll work. We planned a sleep over for tomorrow with movies. (V for Vendetta, Labyrinth, Mirror Mask, Harold and Maude, others.)

Scarfed some food, changed, read a letter I finally got from UCAS about their sending my applications, and went to work. Talked with Val about lots of stuff. She's wicked nice. She called Hannah's Mum, she wasn't coming in. I went home and did Dana's Gaia post. Did my own. Started working.

Interweave at 7. I changed into PJs and slippers and brought a blankie and a unicorn stuffed animal. It was cute. We joked a lot. Wonderful community. We're working on getting our "T" in the welcoming community--LGBT, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender. We have LGB. No T. So we've been working on understanding and planning community activities for months. It's fun. Dana called and said she could sleep over.

Talked on the phone for an hour while doing stuff like waiting in the CVS parking lot and then doing the greenhouse project. Now I feel less stressed because that stupid junk is done.

Now I just need to study for my Bio II test tomorrow (study first period), read The Black Cat, and make sure I do/copy a data sheet some time. And read a section in maths. I'll be fine. I usually go to bed at 12:15 or so anyway. Bad Kiwi, yeah whatever.

Night night!