January 9th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Dana and I hung out in the Spanish room before school. I spoke with Mrs. Cooper--plans to have my teacher eval. tomorrow. Told Mrs. Cav I felt like a real teacher because I'd been taught to use the copier. Joked with Dana about how a character had a crush on my roleplay character now, too.

Plant guides irked me. I read and stuff between. Laura fed me. Sandra came in and was argumentative and gave us lots of "pointers" but I still liked having her around anyway. Then she and her friend went on about college forever.

English the lecture was amazing. I still haven't learned to shut up. Business management I continued my letter to Destiny and we played a stupid game and finished the movie. Park management we went to get sticks out of the mud. No really. And Mr. Lee is the actually stick in the mud, but I guess we were supposed to leave him... (Kidding.) Double woodshop was alright. I'm doing my project right.

Sat on my car and read. Drove home and took a 20 minute nap in the car in the driveway. Came up, finished Dana's roleplay post since she had sent it to me unfinished, and hung around. Drove to therapy. Had a great time in therapy. Sherri showed me the puppies. We talked. College, dating, all that stuff. Gave check. Appointment for next week at 5 that was already magically in her book.

Ann replied to my email and told me I did lots and lots of stuff. It was fun. I came home and did homework and roleplayed and stressed out and did college stuff. I was really bad with this American process. I should still make it, but I'm cutting it close. Finished everything required for the apps. I currently have. Going to ask if I should be putting something for additional information. Going to get a list of schools with actual ecology majors to throw out applications to. Make sure the school sends the stuff out in time, etc.

Hoping that with this it's that the stuff has to be POSTMARKED by the 15th. Even so, it should be there earlier if things work out right. UMASS is what matters.

Still, yeah, stress. Tomorrow I have work 4-6 and I have to remember to tell them that, like, starting the 28th I can't work Mondays because I'll be in college biology from 6-10 in the evening! I'm going to die. Anyway, no I'm not. And then tomorrow I have to do the stupid greenhouse calendar thing because I totally didn't do it today.

Dear Poe,

I am perverse. I procrastinate. I take horrible delight in an option that is most likely to hurt me. Perversity rules! (We are innately evil.)

Love (or hare, depending on how perverse I feel),