January 8th, 2008

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In study Mrs. Cav got all excited over Danielle's "baby"--her stepmother and father's baby. And gave the idea to make journals every year for the kiddo. I was like "eugh kids" but I guess it was funny. Bio II we just took notes. Mrs. Cooper agreed to do the teacher evaluation thing for me. In maths we did a sheet (I took about three minutes having her truly convince me that it wasn't a quiz) and we hung out. Lunch I ate off in a corner-ish-place but was invited to go to a Star Wars marathon and bring Daphna, apparently.

Fourth was AmLit and I need to learn to just shut up in that class. Fifth we had a speaker come in and we played a game with greenhouses and I was in debt $13,000 but then I got to keep a bag of M&Ms because I payed the 7-M&M insurance fee, and then in the regular game I got out of debt and then bought insurance and ended up with $62,000. And the dude gave me 2 quarters. One from when I went bankrupt and he hired me as part of his company, and one because I made a reasonable profit in the end. So I made more than Dana, who never went bankrupt (never got hired then, pure business woman) but also never made it to $150,000 profit and never made a real life dollar. So I gave her a quarter and left. After realizing that I was super dumb and that 3rd-period maths had been activity period, and that I hadn't even gone anywhere despite that I was supposed to be at both Plant Guides and GSA Officers meeting, as a Co-President. Sheeeucks.

Woodshop was dull and dumb, but I'm the only one to cut my top right for the jewelry box, which is amazing because I don't do anything right in that class. And I visited with Mrs. Steele and Mrs. Fraser, even though Mrs. Fraser looked very serious. Hope I didn't bug them too much. They did invite me in, after all. Greenhouse crops was stupid, because it always is. No one knew what was going on with the project so I stormed up to Mrs. Brodeur and had her explain it multiple times (it changed each time), until I was absolutely SURE I knew what she was talking about, and then reported back. Stupid class.

Sat on my car reading until 2:45, because leaving anywhere from 2:30-2:40 seems like suicide and I liked reading anyway,and 2:45 sounds like a nice even time to go home. Drove home, putzed around, changed into work clothes, went. Attiya got me to time tests for a boy I hadn't known. I hung out with Muhini, whom I hadn't really met before but is really cool, until our girls came. Then everything was hectic because Dee-whatever didn't have enough work so I was copying everything from 3rd grade books and my cell-phone alarm went off forever when I was out of the room so the boy would stop testing, and Latif and Attiya had to teach me to use the copier only they're wicked hilarious and married and they fooled around and bumped each other. It was cute. Attiya said, "I may not be an engineer, but I AM an engineer's wife!" and she scolded Latif for keeping the top open because it could hurt his eyes, and he rolled them, and it was just fabulous. Then I went back to work and all was hectic again but it was alright.

Laura invited me over for dinner, I went and experienced real culture (Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and Judge Judy), which they were shocked to find I had never really seen. Continued my English homework, which was at that point pretty much done. Came home, did a roleplay response, took a shower, homework, here I am.

Need to email Ann (how am I supposed to remember all the social action stuff I've done?), write the 150-word mini-essay on an activity I've done for the common app., add more colleges, and sleep at some point.

Yeah. That's me.


Oh. And I am so not excited for Plant Guides tomorrow. Kathy and Sandra took away all the love and fun. Plus, y'know, the seniors were sloffed off 'cause we're not REAL natural resource majors, and the juniors are. So vocational life stinks. YAY!

(And don't you love how I just make up words/spellings sometimes? When I think the word SOUNDS an idea I'm trying to get at? Pfft.)
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Holy crow I really do do a lot. O_O.

Social action. I should be doing more!

Social action, fwee fwee fwee,
Social action, it's for me!
(Deedl-ee-dee, hee hee.)

Key-wii = a loon-ee.