January 7th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I put on makeup today and wore my hair like a teenager and looked like a girl.

I was miffed with my mother this morning because there was another family car-wtf-is-happening set of moments during which I had no idea where I was going. And she called me while I was driving to demand I get an oil change after school. I hate it when people call me when I'm driving, because I have to find my way into my pocket to get my cell phone (I usually forget to take it out first and leave it in the center seat).

Mrs. Cav gave me a thank you cards for the candy-cane-tree-gift. I can't believe people can be that good with thank you cards. Apparently yesterday was a migraine day for her.

I talked and read through study. People played a strange game. Mrs. Cooper wasn't in for Bio II so I couldn't ask for a teacher eval. We took notes on a stupid movie after Mr. Gilbert finished his fartsy talking. Pre-Calc we were taught some junk and Mrs. Quin left 'cause she was sick. Lunch I chose to ate alone and didn't eat much 'cause my appetite wasn't fab.

English I goofed up in vocab when he called on me and I didn't like it. Then he gave us notes and allowed us to start on the story we had to read. I swapped notes with Dana about the roleplay I joined. We're going to have our characters be friends and probably bed mates. We joked. I mentioned, "Can you believe we've really been writing notes like this since freshman year?" and she replied, "Yeah, but now they're longer. They used to be like two lines. Now they're paragraphs." I chuckled. Gave Mr. Dufault my college essay, then promptly started freaking out for the rest of the day because I thought it was so bad and he would be disappointed.

Parkman was bearable. I kinda followed Laura around. Then Mr. Lee. We all talked about college a lot.

Greenhouse was pointless but MIKKI SHOWED UP!!! <3. Lindsay was like, "Hey Kiwi I think that girl you used to make funny noises with is here" and I was like, wtf? I went out and there was Mikki. So I went "KWEH!" in a very high-pitched voice as we always used to do and then we ran to each other and hugged. She introduced me to her boyfriend and we reminisced. She said, "This is Kiwi. I saw her at the beginning of school. She had blonde hair like down to her ankles in odangoes--like Sailor Moon--and she was sitting out front with a crutch and was decked in rainbow. And I thought 'I am going to get to know that girl' and I walked up to her and asked her what her name was and she said, 'Kiwi.' I thought 'Yes, yes I am.'" We had great times. Like when we were KWEHing across campus and another KWEH sounded out and neither of us had done it so we looked around being wtf-y?! and it turned out to have been Mrs. Cav. We thought 'ohhhhh' and laughed. So we hung around and then Mrs. Brodeur gave me the calender, I told Mikki I was "going back to work"--she knew that meant "going back into plant sci to goof off" and I hugged her goodbye.

Woodshop was equally dumb course-wise. But Mr. Dufault came by and gave me my essay. He didn't mark it at all, he thought it was fabulous with wonderful vocab, and his only suggestion was to write a little introductory blurb. I didn't know I could.

Mikki was by Mrs. Fraser when I went into Kemp. I hung around with them again, remembering the Aggie and all the stupid stuff that has gone on. We had lotsa fun and I promised to contact her some time so we can hang out.

Went and got an oil change from Jess Issa's father. Another old man there let me have a pair of sunglasses from the rack when I was looking at them. I now have fabulous shaded sunglasses that make driving home on 1A in the sun fabulous. Drove home, puttered about, went with Dweeb to KFC, ate, came home, did homework, discovered my cell phone wasn't working, and here I am.

I need to remember to email Anne.

Why are all my entries long again? Probably because I feel like actually remembering stuff. <3. I love Mikki so much. Totally missed her. Her boyfriend is spifftastic too.