January 6th, 2008

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Let's see. Friday I gave people gifts and stuff. They seemed to like them. =). I had Booby send along Mrs. Cav's after lunch, since he had her fourth block and I didn't want to give it myself just yet. I don't know how it was done. As long as she got it, I'm happy. I gave Mrs. Fraser the little light-up-tree pin that Laura gave me. She saw me turn it on and flipped over the moon in great joy! She yelled, "You made my day!" when I was leaving the room. I told her that her response had made mine. She had previously been looking really stressed, and then when I gave it to her she was bouncing around and showing it off to Mrs. Czyrklis. Mrs. Fraser said she wants to wear it on Monday.

After school I called Snoopy randomly. She told me she was at KP with my Dweeb and the rest of her physics group doing the project. So I volunteered to go there since I was close, and we ended up putting the stuff in my car since Dweeb had volunteered to finish it over the weekend. Snoopy gave me a tour around the school and introduced me to the teachers that were there. The art teacher was really pretty and talked about pleasant things including the horticultural competition coming up for art--she was excited when I told her I was an ornamental horticulture major. With all the teachers I was asked about the Aggie and there was generally a really positive feel toward the school. I was asked where I wanted to go. It was all quite fabulous! I met her history teacher, who she talks about all the time. I thought she was wicked neat. I think I even met the other teacher that I hear all about, though mainly from the news. (Is he the one I'm thinking of with Brown?)

I zipped home and hung around, then we met at the Outlets to pick up Addy/Amanda. We found out she wasn't being kept on and that Snoopy was. It was sad. We agreed not to tell her then; it would have made things horrible. I went to pick up my food and drove to her house where I still didn't have much luck doing my college essay. We picked up Addy and the manager HADN'T talked to her so I marched back toward the store. Addy was devastated when she heard the news--she needs the job more than most people there. We told her we would begin job searching with her.

We had a sleepover, there was a lot of talking and upsetness and frustration, but it was pretty alright beyond that. I slept a lot since I hadn't slept through most of the week. Addy and I were up earlier and having a good time. We felt it weird with having the time be so late in the day. We didn't leave until after four. Went around the outlet mall at 5-ish and collected applications, which I slipped into my notebook to keep dry and pressed.

We tried teaching Addy how to drive. I think it'll take her a while to get the hang of it, but I think she'll eventually do pretty well. It's nerve-wrecking to learn to drive, I know that. I tried to be chill about it. She was a good sport.

I came home and was online for hours, writing and creating. I should have been writing my essay. Geh. I went to sleep and didn't want to wake up, but did. Went to church and it was wonderful. My congregation always cheers me up. En/Steven and I were nominated for a Social Action Con for UU Youth in May. We have to e-mail Ann with our phone numbers and a list of social action stuff we've done through church, school, and other stuff. I'm going to have trouble remembering stuff to put on the list. I always do.

It makes me happy when I go on facebook and people have "Compared" me as positive stuff. I've had 'most creative' and 'most powerful' in the last few days, both from a girl from Rowe whom I didn't even get to know particularly well! I wish I had though.

But good news! I'm going to Rowe reunion; Mum's crashing at her friend Cathy's place and I'm driving up to Rowe beyond that. I'm excited.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I spent the rest of today being online and stuff. Addy invited me over but I wasn't up for going. I did my homework early while painting my nails brown, wrote up my first post for an advanced lit. RP on gaia, and wrote the draft of my college essay.

The two people who saw it liked it. That's good. I'm only trying to get into UMASS, anyway.

Now I'm going to go read some HP5 and go to bed. New book system.

Keep in my purse: One fiction book that I like for the story. One nonfiction/informational/whatever book that I can pick up when I don't feel that I have time to really get into a passage.

Keep at home: Usually books that I've read before and am just re-reading through, especially ones that I fangirl like Tammy and JRK books.

And somehow, all my books fall under those categories. Especially since the second category, in the purse, pretty much includes everything but what's in the first category.

Haha. Life ftw.