January 2nd, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I got like 15 minutes of sleep last night because I was afraid of Life, The Universe, and Everything.

The Volvo driver's seat door wouldn't stay closed, so when we finally got it to stay closed I agreed to clamber in and out of the passenger side all day long. I drove to school and climbed out the passenger seat side. When Val and his gang passed me, I said, "You know, my life would be really funny if it weren't mine."

Study I re-took the Bio II notes I've probably taken three times, because they keep disappearing. I read Harry Potter 5 and highlighted. I pretended to be someone I'm not through 1st period, as during all the studies, and I didn't like it.

Bio II my notebook was on my desk when I walked in and it was cute. I joked with Mrs. Cooper. I promptly forgot to put "period 2" on one of my labs, so I'll get marked off. Way to go Kiwi. I got a 100 on my quiz and Erin came over, flipped it up, and looked at it. "100, nice job," she told me. "But don't you get 100 on like everything?" I blushed and told her I had forgotten I had taken the quiz, then hurried off to sharpen my pencil for the drawing I was meticulously slaving over while others scribbled. Sigh.

Pre-Calc everyone was loud and talking and not paying attention. I was really interested. They discussed how many times someone can fold a paper in half without mechanical assistance (7) and decided to demonstrate. The little paper-wasp-type-things were then thrown. Abby got hers near my feet, I had no choice but to return it to her knowing I would otherwise cause a screaming match. Amanda then hit me in the eye with it rather hard, aiming for Abby. I yelled, "Oh my GODS, stop THROWING THINGS!" and was scolded for yelling. I sniffed indignantly. It was an angry, ouchy "auuugh" reaction. Mrs. Quinn turned to Amanda and softly said to apologize. Amanda mumbled. I made Mrs. Quinn teach us math again.

Lunch I didn't have my ID. I growled at people because I was cranky and had been hit in the eye by a paper wasp, then scolded. Even though Mrs. Quinn somewhat apologized. (Because at least I didn't scream a swear, which is I know what Amanda would have done had the roles been reversed.)

Am. Lit. saved my life. We're working on Poe and things make sense. Dufault values me in class. All is good in the world. I got my test back, got 100. But the best part was that to one of my sentences he drew an arrow and wrote, "It sounds like the beginning of a black & white detective mystery!" all excited-like. When I was getting it back I saw the grade and said, "Oh, and I was going to apologize for the essays." He looked at me and shook his head some. "No, your essays were fine," he told me. He mentioned something about my being silly. I agreed that I was silly as I walked out the door.

We watched a movie during double business management, because Madison left early 'cause she's parasitically oppressed. I mean pregnant. And by "we watched" I mean "Laura played Pokemon and I read HP5."

I finished my hinge-box in Woodshop. It is going to store my letters.

Greenhouse is a miserable, useless class. I read HP5 instead of doing the project, because it's dumb and Mrs. Brodeur won't even be here on Friday. We were talking after everyone had left and I said, "Oh, yes, my Christmas gloves. I didn't ask for anything for Christmas, so--" and she replied quickly, "No, I wouldn't think you would." I gave her a quizzical look and she told me I didn't seem the type. I decided to take that as a compliment, wished her well, and was off.

Visited Mrs. Cav, it wasn't anything spectacular, I left. Home, read to decompress from the day, ate, cleaned, picked up Da, did homework, did most of my American college app. stuff, and I'm exhausted.

I was going to make a short entry. That is not what this is. I want to not be cranky anymore. =P. Maybe this bowl of nummy food will help me.

Paper wasps = not my friend.

It's not good when I look at Harry Potter's work load in HP5 and think, "Mother night, if only I had that little." But I suppose we're on par, considering that I don't have spiffy quills and I can't clean up a mess with a little stick of wood. +Shakes fist at Harry Potter's world.+

Kiwi = nerd.