December 28th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Alright. Done shopping for New Years gifts.

I'm tired.

I got a little bit for myself, too... =P.

They had a "5 for $10" sale on cute underwear so I of course got five. Giggle. Turned out I got one pair that Snoopy and Amanda got as well, so we'll have matching underwear. I personally like the little one with the rainbow on the bum. Mum liked them. I also bought two rings 'cause they were 2 for $8 and I like that.

Had a really good time with Amanda and Christine and Ziggy just hanging around in Amanda's new room. Spifftastic time at the mall, too. Went to Snoopy's tattoo parlor place briefly and now I'm ready to just rest.

Maybe I'll write a bit as I watch Daria. I wonder. I am TOTALLY loving this show. So, so much. =P.