December 25th, 2007

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Yay. I love that Christmas so wasn't a big deal this year.

Last night, when my family was eating, I went back for the second Christmas service. N (Steven) was very surprised to see me, since he knew I had gone to the 5 o'clock one as well. He pulled up a chair for me and his mother found me a book. It just...felt like family.

Then after service the Barthels came up and it was me, the Barthels, N, and his girlfriend Sarah. Even the Barthel father. It was just great fun. We were nerdy and it was spifftastic.

After that Jon and I pretended to be chickens, I got to know the student minister (Jill) a little better, and Carol was so pleased to have seen me at both services. I was hopping around. Carolyn gave me two huge hugs and held my chin up and told me that I certainly looked as though I had the winter spirit in me. I was elated.

I had needed that. Prior to that, I had been a grinch about Christmas. But I just felt that I needed to go to FUSF, because they're my chosen family and I love them. So many people came up and checked on me and gave me hugs. It was just wonderful.

Today the presents were very used and it was wonderful. We were sort of passing around old objects. Though we did buy the fifth Harry Potter movie, winter wear, bed wear, and a few things for me and others.

I got a nice little corset! I'm so happy. =). I'm in it now, of course. I opened it up and it came with a thong attached. We all laughed.

Looks as though I'll need to upload one of my corset icons, just 'cause I want to.

Going to Kate and Carla's tonight. David and Robert are going to be there. I'm excited.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! Happy holidays to others! Have a dashing break, for those who are on break!

(Last night I said to N, "You know, I'm a girl who doesn't really celebrate Christmas yet I come to both Christmas services. I think that about sums up my existence." He laughed and agreed.)

And so I've made it through another Christmas. Funny how it's totally not religious or spiritual or anything for us--we celebrate it 'cause Da's British and apparently Christmas is a huge thing over there. Still, it has been nice.

Wrote two chapters of my novel.

Now back to writing and Guitar Hero III!