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Kiwi Crocus
24 December 2007 @ 12:46 am
I get very sick of arrogant RPers.

I get very sick of arrogant people who presume they know everything and are above everything, and that anything to do with emotion is petty and anything that shows emotion is vulnerable and bad.

And sometimes, I fear that I am like both of them.


I don't want to be arrogant. I don't want to be like my brother or like these people who make me feel so low. No, no, I don't want to be!

I'm going to read and sleep now.

I wish I didn't get attached to my characters. I wish I didn't get attached to their roleplayers. I swear, five years and I must not have learned a thing. But I'm not falling this time. No, too arrogant for my tastes. Thank goodness.
Kiwi Crocus
24 December 2007 @ 10:44 am
Why can't I sleep past noon anymore? I was up until one...

Maybe my brain knows it's Christmas Eve and wants me up as long as possible for the celebrations. But considering that Christmas isn't really my thing, I doubt it's that one.

Maybe my body only requires 9 hours of sleep. But considering that I'm making up for two weeks with very little sleep, I doubt it's that one.

Maybe when Mum accidentally let Mugz in I was woken beyond going back to dozing. But considering that that has happened many times before and I usually just fall back asleep with him, I doubt it's that one.

Or maybe...

Maybe little monsters (very little, extraordinarily little) monsters came out of my McGongall hat and made the harsh journey to my brain, and then they lightly commanded that I should wake up. And maybe they're very sweet little monsters, and they just wanted to get to know my conscious thoughts and how those felt.

Yes, yes, I'll go with that one.

And now to clean my room and put in a movie! Although I'll probably change the order of that. Hmm.

Happy Christmas Eve to all! (I almost accidentally typed "Happy Birthday to all.) Happy Birthday to those whose birthday is today, or to those who prefer to celebrate their birthday today!