December 23rd, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I love my congregation.

Instead of doing a nativity thing or going into the traditions of one religion, our service went into as many of the traditions and celebrations for this season/time as we could find. So many! It was wonderful.

I was pretty amazed with a lot of the stuff. I'm going to research it, I think. Quite a few of the things came from the druids, it appears. That fascinates me.

I stayed for a long time after service and talked with everyone during coffee hour. I didn't know how many of the junior youth kids look up to me. It's cute. =). I'm glad to help them out. Ah, it was just wonderful.

Then I spoke with Michael and Sonya's partner (whose name I never remember! >=(.) about stuff. They both want me to call them. Since they know I've never seen Logo, Michael wants me to go to his place for a Logo night. I'm excited. He's also going to lend me the seasons of Queer as Folk that he has. Sonya said she has all the L Word's that are out and she would love to lend me those as well.

And we're going to talk about the next Interweave meeting and all that. It's just all exciting.

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I bought Mum a cookbook. I don't know what to get Xandor or Da--they're both thinking about it. (They normally like $50 video games, and I don't have enough for stuff like that.)

Might go to both services tomorrow. They're different. Lots of singing, I like that. Enjoy catching up with people.

I miss my church friends. I think I should start doing more stuff with them. That would be awesome. And I miss my old friends--I want to reconnect. Not really sure how to do that, though, or which ones I would want to reconnect with. We're all so different now.

May go to the meditation tonight at 5. Probably a little shopping here or there. I think I'm going to do New Year gifts instead of Xmas gifts, since Xmas isn't really my holiday at all. And I acknowledge New Years as being the start of this culture's calendar. I like that it isn't religious to me.

My new year has already started. So far, I like it.