November 20th, 2007

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I don't really know what I'm doing with my life, la-la-laaaaa.

It's 11:34 and I haven't touched my homework. Alright, I read a LITTLE of the Bio II work while I was at Makuchan's. But I haven't done anything else.

What is up with me? This has been going on for a few days. Maybe it's just my brain letting me know that I'm ready for this Thanksgiving break. I mean, I have no doubt that I will get it all done for tomorrow.

And then again, I remember that I have a tradition of staying up really late the night before any sort of break. I just normally get my homework done at the beginning of the night.

Whatever. I really will live. I feel a little like Laura, actually, haha. Staying up until like 1 in the morning. And who knows, maybe I'll sleep late and get to school 5 minutes before it starts. But knowing me, I'll probably still go in early to check my work. Because that's the kind of stuff I do.

Today was perfect. It snowed for our Sturbridge Village (probably spelled wrong?) trip. I was elated. Then went to Makuchan's and we watched anime and hung out and were old friends again.

So even though my work isn't done and it won't be done perfectly (gehhh, but who ever attains perfection?) I still feel really good.

I can nap tomorrow. It won't kill me.

It isn't even phasing me that I'm way behind on my word count. I have no doubt that I can once again sit down and write 10k, and that I can do it again after that, and certainly get up the 6k to finish before the end of November. I WILL do this.

Especially since my laptop is back up.

And now I am done updating!